Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Food Addiction: A Challenge

Many of you know I can not resist a challenge. Apparently my post yesterday struck a cord with someone in blogland, and now they want to have a healthy discussion with me on my "mainstream" view of the term "food addict."

Back in February, I wrote this post about my feelings on the phrase Food Addiction. Upon going back and reading it today, my feelings haven't changed.

Taking a look at the post Michael wrote on his blog today in response to my feelings on Food Addiction, it appears we arguing the semantics of the term, and not the real issue I brought up in my original post.

From today's post Michael writes:
"I acknowledge her position, which is essentially the mainstream view. But it's wrong. I also acknowledge that "food addiction" is a lousy term. Obviously, no one has a blanket "all-food" addiction, because, obviously, those people died out long ago. But "sugar addiction," which I would restate as "refined-sugar" addiction, IS a food addiction. For some people, chocolate is addictive, and that's a food addiction. Some people can't tolerate flour, for biological reasons very similar to refined sugar, and that's a food addiction. For many, including me, volume of food is a food addiction."

I understand that the clip from yesterday's interview with my mom can be taken out of context. However, the real issue I want to bring to the forefront is using the blanket term Food Addiction as an excuse to do nothing about issues one's body may have with certain foods/volume/etc., which fall into the "Food Addiction" category.

Am I/was I a Food Addict by my definition? No. I was/am addicted to refined products. Am I/Was I a Food Addict by Michael's definition? Yes. Because refined sugar and grains are food, therefore I was a Food Addict. Now, I could be making the same mistake Michael did and taking his view out of context. Perhaps if I read his book, he would delve into the greater issue of hiding behind the term Food Addiction as an excuse to do nothing.

I welcome any comments on this matter. I can only write from my experiences, and what I have seen. I am very flattered that someone who has a book coming out on Food Addiction would comment on my blog, and challenge me to a discussion.

Let the fun begin!

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