Monday, July 19, 2010

Whew. Sore.

On Saturday I helped a friend of mine do some yardwork. I knew it would be a great workout, plus, I really admire this girl. She is quite possibly one of the most 'driven' people I know, ivy league education, intense athlete (even did an olympic sailing campaign), and SUPER, SUPER modest about it all, and so nice. So, we dug, and pick-axed, and wheelbarrowed, and dumpstered. The whole time I kept thinking how "paleo" this workout was. Doing something for a reason, vs. being a gerbil on a wheel.

I was really curious about her diet/exercise habits (because I think she is in great shape), but didn't know how to bring up the whole, "so, have you ever thought of eating paleo" thing without seemingly like a pushy salesperson. As we were shoveling dirt around in the dumpster, she says, "so my husband and I just joined Crossfit." Almost as if she could read my mind! I got WAY too excited and proceeded to go into a 15 minute diatribe about how much I love Paleo. I got to ask tons of questions about Crossfit, because Paleo and Crossfit are kinda like Bert and Ernie. Where there is one, eventually there is the other.

She told me the kinds of things she did during her first few private sessions, I told her menu ideas that were delicious and husband fooling. Still, not believing how the conversation that I was struggling to bring up in my head became a reality (kismat?). We finished up, I went into the office for a few hours, and decided I would be joining Crossfit in the near future. I'm thinking Septemeber 1st ish?

On Sunday, true to my crazy self, I started thinking, well, I can't go into Crossfit without some sort of base...I don't want to totally suck, so, after I painted the first coat on the kitchen walls, I set up a mini Crossfit circuit. I grabbed a bench (for "box" jumps), a full gallon of paint (for "kettleball" swings), and decided to do push-ups and leg throws (lie on my back, grab a chair behind my head, lift my legs up to 90 degrees and lower them almost to the floor, and back up).
My workout, or "WOD" (ha, look at me) consisted of:
20 "box jumps"
20 "kettleball" swings
20 push ups
20 leg throws
20 "box jumps"
20 "kettleball" swings
15 push-ups
15 leg throws
15 box jumps
15 kettleball swings
10 push ups
10 leg throws
10 box jumps
10 kettlball swings
5 push up
5 leg throws

That took me 15 minutes. I was sweating like crazy, and my heart rate was elevated after, box jump #3...of the first set. Yeah, I can see why those Crossfit people are so ripped. Not to mention this was a crude, crude, version of whatever I imagine takes place inside those walls.

I woke up this morning, and WOW am I sore. I think I can feel every muscle in my stomach, pecs, and back. My shoulders, biceps, and hammies are slightly tight. I love it! Oh, and I'm down another pound this week.

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