Saturday, July 10, 2010

Holy Aioli

Summer finally arrived in Seattle. We have had 4 straight days of sunshine, including 2 days above 90 degrees! Summer means BBQ, and potato salad, and watermelon, and floating on the lake.

I saw this great recipe for a potato salad using cauliflower instead of potatoes on Lyn's Escape from Obesity blog. Lyn is currently eating low carb, so many of her recipes easily translate into Paleo. I read the recipe, and the only thing that stood out as needing adjustment was the mayonnaise. Mayonnaise could be Paleo, if I made it myself...

So I began looking up mayonnaise recipes, and after consulting with my in home chef (heh) I came up with a technique that sounded pretty easy. So into the cuisinart went an egg yolk and 3 cloves of garlic. I turned on the mixer and slowly streamed in olive oil. After about 1/2 of the oil was mixed in, I added a dash of sea salt and lemon juice. I turned the mixer back on and streamed in the rest of the oil. The result? A beautiful pale yellow goo...I tasted it, added some pepper, and WOW!

As I prepared the ingredients for the "potato" salad, I cooked up some hamburgers. I had decided on the way home in the beautiful sun, I was going to have me some nice bbq picnic food. I had lettuce for "buns" avocado, aioli, mustard, it would be just like a real burger complete with a side of "potato" salad.

SO GOOD. In fact the burger with the lettuce and aioli was so tasty, I had it for breakfast today, and dinner today as well. I had watermelon for dessert. I went floating on the lake today. I could be mistaken for a lobster right now. Hello summer!

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