Friday, July 23, 2010

Good 'Ole Fashioned Challenge

There is nothing, NOTHING, I can't stand more than inefficiency. Inefficiency can take on many roles, and appear in all different facets of life. One thing I think I'm really good at is finding the best way to do something. For example, I am very big on "process" I need to figure out all the steps of an action, and then I can find the best/fastest/most logical way to perform the action.

For example, grocery shopping. I have my list, I know where everything in the store is, I plot my route (in my head) so I can get everything the fastest without having to double back around wandering up and down the isles. I can't stand shopping with people that wander idea what they want or idea where anything is...ARRRRRGH! I just want shake these people, and be like "hey, you are wasting so much time!"

End rant. So anyway, one of the bloggers I follow is such an inspiration, she has lost well over 100 lbs, and has kept it off for over a year. She lost the weight FAST, and in the past few months has been struggling with eating. I kept quiet, just kept reading her troubles. So much of it sounded familiar to the way I was prior to Paleo. So I went out on a limb, and bet her that it was the sugar.

We are now entering a good 'ole fashioned challenge, starting on Monday, July 26th. I am competitive, she is competitive, and we are going to give up sugar (except fruits) for 30 days. Now, as part of my 30 day Paleo challenge, I gave up sugar. But, since then I have been lax about letting small amounts of cane sugar and honey back into my diet. Still natural...however, slippery slope. So, I'm giving up Larabars, honey, and cane sugar. She is also working on a fitness challenge for us as well.

I'm excited to see what this challenge does for her, if anything. Mostly to see if my sugar hypothesis is right. I already know what awesome things eliminating sugar does for me. But the fitness challenge...that is the kick in the butt I need. I'm so damn competitive, only challenges seem to work for me as far as motivation.

Whoo hoo! Love me some competition!

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  1. I can't imagine trying to avoid sugar. It's everywhere! I guess a challenge like this would push you more towards whole foods, which can only be a good thing.