Monday, July 26, 2010

Balls to the Wall Sugar Out Challenge

Ok, the rules for the sugar/fitness challenge have been set. To be fair, I came up with the sugar elimination challenge, and Ann over at I'm a Phoenix, Baby! came up with the fitness challenge. Feel free to join in...Or just see how long you can go without sugar...or if you need a kick in the exercise department ass...or both!

Rules for sugar/refined stuff:
-no sugar except naturally occurring fruit sugar (keep fruit consumption low)
-no foods with added sugar
-no white flour, nothing containing white flour
-no artificial sweeteners

-120 minutes of exercise per day. Your choice but at least 60 minutes have to be HARD cardiovascular exercise and 30 minutes have to be weighted. Six days a week. One total rest day.
-Certain intimate activities can be counted as cardio activity wink, wink. (I try to keep my blog PG-13)
-You have to try at least one new exercise or activity each week. This can be a class, a new machine, or a new sport.

General Rules
-no whining
-July 26 to August 31st
-keep track of any changes you notice daily/weekly/overall in your body
-you can cheat, but then you lose.

This challenge formed quickly and unexpectedly, and I realized yesterday that my planned "non-Paleo day" would fall during the challenge. I made a hasty decision yesterday to have pizza for dinner, and have that be my non-Paleo meal. It took A LOT of convincing, hmming and hawing, and texting to the boyfriend, before I found myself faced with a glistening pizza in my kitchen. I read the ingredients. I read the nutrition facts. I wondered if I would get instantly sick, or instantly gain all the weight back, or never eat Paleo again.

What actually happened? Nothing. I ate a few pieces of pizza. I did not get sick, I did not go crazy. It was rather anti-climatic. Some things of note, however: (1) I only ate a few pieces. There was a time in my life (not that long ago) I would eat the whole thing. (2) If I did not eat the whole thing, I would hide the few pieces left so I could have them for breakfast. This time? I put the remaining pizza (over 1/2) in the fridge for the boyfriend to see, and then sat with him a few hours later while he ate it, and was not SAD, or ANGRY, or feeling DEPRIVED.

I woke up this morning, knocked out 30 minutes of my 120 minutes of exercise for the day, grabbed my pre-made (by me) Paleo breakfast and lunch, and went to work. I feel good to have the pressure of a non-Paleo meal gone, and a new challenge to focus on until August 31st.


  1. You still owe 90 minutes :)

    I am surprised you didnt feel sick after the pizza. I LOVE pizza. I think the thing I am going to miss the most is the sweetener in the iced coffee. :::::sigh::::

  2. I thought you were eating at Paseo for your "cheat"? 120 min/day - awesome!

  3. Good luck with the challenge- I think 120 minutes of harcore is a little above my athletic range. I do a shred challenge while you do this. I am definitly going to get my 120 in today though.

    You should look at Dr. Gott's no sugar no flour diet- he has been advocating it for around 50 years. One of those- old school calories in calories out Doctors