Thursday, July 8, 2010


June was the month I devoted much of my time, energy, thoughts, etc. to my new way of eating, Paleo. July is the month I will be devoting my time, energy, thoughts, etc. to my new way of eating AND re-conditioning.

In the beginning of May, I was running 4 miles easily a few times a week, and could run 5 miles (maybe more?) on my longer runs. In June I ran a total of 3 times over the ENTIRE month. I went for a run yesterday, and put in 2 miles before I thought I was going to die.

While this is temporarily discouraging, knowing that not that long ago I was in much better cardiovascular health, something was different about me. As I chugged along the last 5 minutes of my run, I thought about how I had a new body now. I need to train this new body, just like I did the old one.

So, here is the deal: I have committed to 3 people to run the Bridge to Bridge 12K race in San Francisco on October 3rd. That race is roughly 3 months away. The 3 people that I committed to are in FAR superior shape than me. I want to kick their asses. Or at the very least, keep up with them. I have some work to do.

By the end of this month, I would like to be back to my 4 mile runs. By the end of August, I would like to be up to 6 mile runs, and by the end of September, I would like to be running 7-8 miles a few times a week consistently. Considering that less than 2 months ago, I could run 5 miles, this is not impossible. I will be incorporating speed work 2 times weekly at the school track up the road. The sun is out, its time to teach my new body some tricks.

Excuses or results. Choose one.


  1. We ran 3 miles! Straight up hill for a good chunk of it. You know me, I recommend Kick boxing aerobics- it is such a fun way to get over the runner's hump.

  2. I'm looking forward to getting my ass kicked!!