Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I'm Eating

Yesterday I was 100% Paleome (a word I made up, meaning me eating Paleo). I'm sure that every single person who decides to eat similar to our Paleolithic ancestors has their own way of interpreting the diet. Some people (like me) include coffee, even though by just about every definition, it is not Paleo. Some people use sea-salt, or cane sugar, or honey, or cream or other minimally processed naturally occurring items (for me cream is out, but I may occasionally use the others). I took a few photos yesterday of some of the things I was eating, how I interpret Paleo:

This is my "breakfast scramble." I heated up some olive oil in a pan, added chopped red onion and galic, sauteed till soft and clear, then browned ground beef on top. I dumped the mixture into a separate bowl when it was done browning, and poured 6 beaten eggs into the same pan (didn't need to add any additional oil) and scrambled those. When the eggs were almost done, I put the beef mixture back in, ground pepper, and added a whole bag of spinach. I mixed it up, let the spinach wilt, and divided it into 4 portions for the week. At work, I brought an avocado and sliced 1/4 of it over the top. It was good, and honestly kept me full for over 4 hours. Something my oatmeal did NOT do.

Throughout the day, I snacked on a few walnuts, and ate this incredible organic peach from Whole Foods after my lunch salad (didn't take any pics of the salad).

When I got home last night, my boyfriend had this flank steak marinating for me in olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, and garlic. I grabbed some fresh rosemary from outside, placed it on top, and cooked the steaks. I ate a whole unpeeled organic carrot while I was waiting. was strange- I got home a little later then usual last night, and I wasn't ready to rip someone's head off with hunger like usual. I patiently ate my carrot, prepared and cooked the steak, and didn't hunt through the cupboards looking for anything else. Sometimes if I'm so hungry when I get home, I'll snack on a whole meal while dinner is cooking, then eat! I'm not sure if it was day 1 strength, or the actual diet.

I put my daily food into my iPhone app, and got the following summary:
June 1, 2010:
Fat- 80.2g (yikes?!)
Saturated Fat- 18.5g (phew)
Sodium- 451.2mg
Carbohydrates- 36.9g
Fiber- 14.3g
Sugars- 17.5g
Protein- 102.9g
Total calories- 1,272

I flipped back through my log to find a day previously with similar calories consumed for a comparison:
March 3, 2010
Fat- 35.2g
Saturated Fat- 6.1g
Sodium- 1954.2mg (holy crap)
Carbohydrates- 160g (ummmm...)
Fiber- 16.6g
Sugars- 38.1g
Protein- 82.6g
Total calories- 1,284

Quite a difference. Actually, it is kind of cool to have a log to go back through. I found that my sodium intake was ranging between 1200 mg and 3000mg! My carbohydrates were never less than 150g and my protein averaged around 60g. My targets for Paleome are slightly different...protein- over 100g, carbohydrates- less than 50g. I don't have any targets for the other various nutrients since the elimination of foods will take care of keeping those in check.

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