Monday, June 28, 2010

182 Days

I started this blog 182 days ago. Twenty six weeks. Six months exactly. One half of one year. I owe a lot to this blog, because I know without it I wouldn't have kept on a steady path. Keeping up this blog has led me to find other blogs that inspire me greatly, and show me that food issues can be overcome, weight can be lost, and great feats of fitness can be accomplished. Most of all, this blog made me reach deep within, find what my triggers are, and let them go. With the sense of people following me (and some actually following me), it has kept me accountable for longer than I can remember ever holding myself accountable for. Basically, what I continue to realize is that I have a great life. My life only continues to improve as I learn what I am capable of, and see the results of my actions.

Today I head into my fourth week of Paleo. I did not lose any weight last week, but I knew that waking up this morning. I felt kinda blah. The weekend was filled with activities that made some of my eating choices "borderline." Still Paleo, yet I think ingested high amounts of naturally occurring sugars (fruit, tomatoes, carrots) and high amounts of sodium (bbqing natural chicken sausages). My plan for the rest of this week is to flush out all that salt, and eat plenty of veggies and lean protein.

Thursday is July 1st, and the end of 30 days. I decided over a week ago that I would be continuing this way of eating past the 30 day trial. I'm just so amazed at how well my body has taken to the elimination of grains, sugar, processed foods, legumes, and dairy. I am amazed at how easy it has been to find things to eat, and really good things at that. I am amazed at how little I care about food and eating now.

All that being said, there is still a chunk of being healthy that I have let go by the wayside as I figured out what fuel is best for me. Over the past 4 weeks, my exercise has been sparse to say the least. I'm going to resume my morning workouts, starting tomorrow. Being summer and all, it is light enough in the morning, and nice enough to run. I can mix it up a few mornings a week by doing Jillian style circuits to improve my strength.

Here's to the beginning of another great 6 months. Thank you for helping make my life so great.

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  1. It's really uplifting to hear about someone that is not only making progress, but is genuinely happy at the same time.