Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One Week Down...

Today marks one full week of Paleo eating completed. According to my iPhone, here is my average nutrient intake for the week:
Fat- 68.6g
Saturated Fat- 17.4g
Sodium- 860mg
Carbohydrates- 39.9g
Fiber- 12.9g
Sugars- 20.7g
Protein- 94.2g

What a change! And as I mentioned yesterday, I got the results on the scale like I have never seen before. I've also noticed a few positive things: I get full faster, and stay full longer. I'm not thinking about food as much. I feel good, overall (no headaches, alert, etc.) I've also notice a few things just in the past 2 days that are new: I'm super thirsty, always. If I don't eat regularly, I run out of energy FAST (but, I don't get grouchy like I used to). For example, over the weekend, I really didn't eat that much. I was just kinda "meh" about food, and kept saying "I'll eat later" then, all of a sudden I was SO tired I had to nap. I took two naps this weekend, and I can't remember the last time I've done that!

Enough of that...I've already been accused of being a "Paleo-pusher" from now, on, I'll just let the results speak for themselves.

One of my biggest fans sent me an adorable gift celebrating my birthday/20lb loss. I was so happy that I received this gift after I had lost an additional 4 pounds, so it felt truly deserved. I will be taking this to Whole Foods, and to the gym. I was trying to get Pedro to warm up to the idea suggested on the bag:

I think he's into it! Thanks C.

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