Friday, April 27, 2012

When Bloggers Go Silent

The past week has been nuts for me. Busy at work, busy outside of work, home projects, etc., etc. There are many reasons why health/weightloss bloggers go silent, I would say first and foremost is that they fail to keep up with what they started, and begin to regain or whatever. I wanted to assure any suspicious minds that I have not fallen off the wagon. I haven't been silent on purpose (I'm so busy lately, really!!) with fears that I'm not delivering what I set out to, in fact, despite my lack of posting, things are going well for me. Now, on that same note there are a few bloggers whom I wish would take a break and get their crap together rather then keep spinning their wheels, but this is a free country, free speech all that. I have Norma to thank for saying out loud everything I think on those stuck individuals that clog up my reader with drivel.

Slowly over the past year or so, nearly every blog I followed at the start of my journey has fallen off the face of the earth, OR the protagonist is battling a re-gain. This does not bode well for positive weight loss/improved health statistics! I have to keep updating my blogroll and/or seeking out new reads. It's tiring, and I just don't have the time for it. I was thinking, to myself, "am I getting anything from these blogs?" Am I learning anything new, inspired, or entertained?" Lately the answer has been "no" on all fronts, and I just find myself annoyed. I don't need to find inspiration from blogs anymore, I create my own.

Just as my body and goals are different now from when I first started this blog, the way I blog and the blogs I search out to read are different too. I'm not interested in marginally written blogs by people who are on looking to "begin a healthy lifestyle," or whose plan is to "just eat less and move more." I'm interested in introspection, and people that dive deeper into finding the reasons they eat more then their body can support, and what they plan to do to fix it (hint: eating less and moving more is not going to fix it long term if your relationship with food is messed up- I just saved you 5 years of yo-yo dieting, you should pay me money). I'm also interested in people that have figured out their bodies and what they need to do, and have maintained a weight loss for a significant period of time 2+ years. I want to read about kick ass high intensity workouts, how much grains suck, and the food industry subsidies that are making the nation fatter under the premise of "health." I want to read about people eating real food, chicks that love olymipic lifts (and aren't afraid to load the bar up with ridiculous amounts of weight), and how cardio is NOT the answer to burning fat. I don't ask much.

Once again, I'm going to slowly start updating my blogroll with links that support what I want to read. I have a feeling the blogs I decide to put up will be there for the long haul since they are people that have figured it out, and people that are living the most healthy life they have created, not living the most healthy life they can tolerate (not a long term strategy).

This has been on my mind for some time now, and I've been meaning to post on it, just wasn't sure how to approach it. I understand it is sort of a rant, but I'm on a mission to get myself some pull-ups, and I can't be bogged down by people that are eating cake and refusing to exercise and wondering why the scale isn't moving, that was soooo 2010.

Moving on...

A little recap of this week- heavy barbells! I loved every second of it. Monday involved 100# deadlifts (that's actually a pretty average weight for me, not heavy) push-ups, and box jumps. It was a slow killer. I also tripped up on my very last 20" box jump and banged the crap out of my shin. 4 days later the bruise is pretty...Tuesday involved 100# power cleans, toes to bar, and wall balls. Wednesday was much needed rest/recover day, and yesterday, I did full squat clean and press/clean and jerks at 110#. 110# is creeping pretty damn close to my max on clean&press. I might have 5-10 more pounds in me, but for me, its crazy how much difference there is between 95# and 100#. I feel so comfortable with 95#- I can do front squats/cleans/push press/etc. for DAYS at 95, but throw on 5 more pounds, and its like the end of the world.

Food has been pretty good- still focusing on eating less as I'm trying to shed fat. I would say I'm being successful at this with one exception- the new "pay by weight" frozen yogurt place by my house. Bf deluxe and I discovered it 9 days ago. We've now been there 5 times. Yes, I'd say there is a problem indeed! I know its just the newness and the novelty of the place, and I will get over this phase, so I'm not beating myself up over it. Especially since my the other parts of what I eat in the day are perfect (lots of lean protein, fruit, veggies). A stalling of progress is generally the best frozen yogurt habit kicker there I'm watching for that.

Generally speaking though, I feel great. I like what I'm eating, I love my gym, I feel strong, I see progress over last year, and I don't see an end to any of this in sight. What more could a girl ask for?


  1. The blogs I read now are totally different from when I started mine about 4 yrs ago. I also took a break from bloggin for about a year and I know I changed what I blogged about. I have been doing Crossfit for almost 3 months about 5 to 6 days a week and eating pretty much Paleo. I have never really combined eating well with working out hard and it is crazy how much better I feel and look. Sounds like you are doing great and lifting some serious weight! I just graduated to the green band and it is hard!
    Keep it up!!

  2. I've lost a lot of fellow bloggers in the last couple years. I keep posting, "Update, please, come back please" posts on some, every a year after the silence falls....I guess it feels sad adn rude to me to leave without a goodbye. I mean, if the blog is gonna stop, say goodbye to all the folks who supported you, followed you, cared about your progress.

    And I support the ones struggling, as I struggle, too. I am not giving up, adn I don't want them to, either.

  3. Thanks for the shout out, and for a great, positive post! Your clean & press blows me away! :)

  4. Keeping up a blog isn't easy, as you probably know haha. I've been on and off with both my diet and blogging. Now I think thanks to CrossFit, I should be on track with both for the long run :)