Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Box Rocks

Its been a beyond fabulous 3-day weekend for me.  The weather has been amazing- sunny and 60's, I've been super productive, and with the help of the bf deluxe, I made something really cool.  Something I've wanted for a long time, and something that will no doubt get plenty of use.  What is it you ask?  A box.  A 24" x 20"x 19.5" box:
Isn't it the most beautiful thing in the world?  It just needs some handles cut out, more sanding, and some grip tape along the jumping edges.  I learned a lot building this...first of all, when building a cube with 3/4" plywood, 2 dimensional drawings and measurements are not going to be accurate.  My drawings/measurements were ideally supposed to yield a 24"x20"x18" box, but I did not account for the fact that some pieces would have to sit on top of 3/4" of plywood in order for the box to be a box.  This resulted in more cuts, and one side being 1.5" longer then I was planning.  Oh, well.  I shouldn't be doing 18" box jumps anyway.  I'm optimistic that with practice I'll be jumping up on the 24" side shortly.  I know its only 4 inches higher then I'm used to, but it seems SO much taller. 

After drilling many screws into all sides this morning, I wasted no time testing it out.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time setting the self timer on my camera and trying to get me at just the right angle for some cool action shots.  I estimated I must've performed 30-50 box jumps trying to get these (if the whiteness of my legs blinds you, I apologize, it might have been the first time my legs have seen sun all year):

Once I got a nice progression of photos, I decided to do a real workout, so I did 3 rounds of:
5 fast as possible box jumps, 5 Russian Kb swings, 5 USA swings, 5 Kb clean and press. 

Backyard gym is coming along nicely! 

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