Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Suck at Plate Math

My mind likes to play tricks on me.  For no apparent reason, I woke up today and felt like my stomach was 3 times the size it was yesterday.  I grabbed it, and was like WTH?  Where did this ALL COME FROM?!?!  I proceeded to grumpily get dressed, eat my protein packed breakfast, and drive to work.  Standing in my cubicle, I looked down and my pants were just hanging off me.  I can remember not that long ago when these pants were snug.  So maybe my stomach hadn't grown to ridiculous proportions overnight, and it was all in my head.  Very possible, since this type of thing has a way of occurring going up the scale as well... I can remember thinking numerous times "pants are more snug, must have been the dryer."  The mind is a poor judge of weight/loss/gains.  Anyone can talk themselves into believing anything, or even seeing something in the mirror that does not exist.  Pants however...pants do not lie. 
I went on working, drinking massive amounts of water, and getting excited for my lunchtime gym routine.  According to the website, we would be having a "skills" day.  Presumably we would work on things that we are the worst at (double unders, pull-ups, box jumps for me!).  I arrived at the gym only to find it locked.  Slowly but surely a few other regular nooners began showing up, and we were all baffled.  I decided to check the website again, and maybe the FB page for any annoucements of a cancellation.  There was no notice about a gym closure, but there was a change to the days workout!  What the?  Finishing off baseline week with 30rep max back squat.
Oh, back squats!  YES!  My favorite.  I was in desperate need of a heavy lifting day.  I looked up to the board and saw that last time I did this, my PR was 135#.  I also hold the spot of top girl at the gym for this one particular benchmark.  I wanted to protect my spot.  As I was warming up, I figured I'd try for 30 reps at 140#.  That was a respectable number.  Working with my partner, we did a few reps at 65#, then 95#, then 135#.  My partner decided to do his 30 reps at 135#.  As he was cranking those out, I grabbed (2) 5 pound plates, neglecting to account for the fact that it would bring the bar up to 145#, and NOT 140#. 
I ducked under the bar, and at this point everyone had completed their 30 reps, so all eyes were on me.  Taking the bar off the rack felt pretty good.  The first 10 reps went by quick.  Around 13 reps my breathing quickened, and I could feel the weight of the bar on my back, and it was a fight to keep my chest up and abs tight.  I made it to 20 reps, and then thought "only 10 more" and counted backwards- only 9 more, 8 on and so forth. 
When I was done, and putting the bar back, trainer says "is that a 10# PR?"  I'm like "no, only 5."  "WAIT A MINUTE...yes, I put 5# on each side, so yes, that is a 10# PR."  Trainer laughed at me and said "see?  That's why its good to suck at plate math, otherwise if you know what you are doing, you can talk yourself out of it."  So true!  Just like that, an accidental new amazing PR for my 30rep max back squat (ATG of course)- 145 pounds.  Let's see...I believe that makes 3 workouts this week...3 PR's.  Hell Yeah! 
My legs are officially done.  Mad fish oil will be downed with dinner, and before bed. 

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