Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It Is Possible

Baseline week continues.  I peeked at the workout of the day this morning, and I saw it was a familiar one...the owner of the gyms' creation and favorite workout to put us through...Burping Sumo.  21 sumo deadlift high pulls (65#), 21 burpees, 15 SDLHP, 15 burpees, 9 SDLHP, 9 burpees.  I flipped back through my data and saw that we had performed this WOD 2 months ago, and it took me 7:04, Rx (using prescribed weight, 65#).  My goal instantly became to beat that score.  I had every bit of confidence I could do it, even if it was just to get under the 7 minute mark. 
At 11:00am, and hour before I head to the gym, my stomach growled with true hunger.  I had just eaten some strawberries an hour earlier, and my breakfast 3 hours before that, so I downed some BCAA's and some kick ass sports/energy drink and hoped that would pull me through the workout.  At noon, I ran out the door and headed to the gym.  It was cold and raining.  I got to the gym and HCT put us through a grueling warm-up- seriously, I was just not feelin' it!  I felt like my limbs were made from cement, everything was soooo hard.  Then, almost with an odd clarvoyancy...HCT said he had to get something off his chest.  HCT went on to say "so last night, I misspoke, and I need to clear the air.  I was speaking to one of the new girls, and I told her- 'you are not here to impress the trainers, you are not here to impress the others in your class, you are here to impress you.'  This is wrong because everyday I'm impressed by you guys.  I forgot to mention that last part to the new girl."   
The never ending warm-up dragged on, I was the last to finish, and as we started setting up our bars for the workout, I began to doubt if I was going to beat my previous time.  I got nervous, and then suddenly some other folks were commenting about being nervous.  That made me feel better.  3-2-1- GO!  My 21 SDLHP's were fast.  I hit the floor and began my burpees, but after what seemed like an eternity, I was only on #7.  I pushed through, didn't bother to look at the clock, and just focused on keeping myself moving.  At the end of my 15 round, I looked up at the clock and realized, I was in the game, and I could beat my previous time.  This gave me a boost and I rocketed through my last 9 burpees.  On my last jump and clap, I looked up at the clock and saw the most glorious thing in the world- 5:44.  
It took a second to realize that I had just shed 1 minute 20 seconds off my previous time, ok, I officially impressed myself.  I was aware that the guy who finished over 2 minutes before me (3min something) had beat his previous time as well, and as the clock ticked on, another guy was about to not only beat his previous time, but beat it at a higher weight then he used last time.  Watching him complete his last burpees in near perfect form was beyond inspiring.  As HCT wrote our new times on the benchmark board, he was beaming, obviously impressed by the feats of the class.  All three people that had previous times beat them.  I happily ran out the door into the rain for my cool down run.  
Back at the office I ate my lunch consisting of lots of protein and proceeded to get a crazy endorphin rush.  I couldn't stop thinking about how great my life is as I chowed down on some plain chicken breast.  One thing is absolute...never in my life have I been eating a donut/cookie/ice cream/something "bad" and experienced that euphoric feeling.  Ha, I guess me and Jesus DID have a come to, or some understanding, or whatever the hell it is that happens in a come to Jesus meeting.  Is it frowned upon to say "hell" and "Jesus" in the same sentence?  Shit. 

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