Thursday, April 19, 2012

One for One

Has it really been one week since I last posted? How does the time go by so fast? So, lets see...what's! I got a pair of Tom's finally. I'm pretty excited about that. I'm also excited that I just bought some random kid I don't know in some unknown country a pair of shoes. At least, that's what Tom told me. I didn't get the "classic" ones because I just don't love them. In fact, I think they are kinda ugly. BUT...these color blocked ballet flats? Love.

I think I mentioned earlier that the 3 coaches at the gym take turns writing the workout programming. Well, we are currently in week 2 of kick ass female trainers' programming. Last week was hell. This week, still hell, but for some reason, I've been enjoying myself. The weights are heavy. We are doing a lot more barbell/Oly stuff, and that is the stuff I really like, and the stuff I feel makes me get strongest fastest. Sure, the short, lighter weight, high intensity metabolic workouts are ok, but there is just something about lifting a really heavy bar just a few times that releases some endorphin or something in me and I feel like a bad ass for the rest of the day. On Monday, I did a workout that included front squats with 95#, deadlifts with 155#. On Tuesday, I did a workout that included hang full snatches with 65# + 2 OH squats. On Wednesday I did a workout that included step-ups onto a 20" box with 85# on my shoulders that I cleaned from the floor, pressed overhead, then rested on my shoulders. Today, before our 12 min AMRAP workout, we found our 5RM strict shoulder press (no legs!) and then did 5 rounds of 5 at 90% of our 5 RM. My 5RM was 75#, so my 90% was 70#. Holy crap, my arms are still shaking 2 hours later! So yeah, lots of heavy weights were lifted this week.

I've been running to and from the gym from work 2-3 days/week, and my times are getting faster. I also have noticed a significant decrease in ankle annoyance during running and swelling after running. I think I'm finally on the mend!

Eating...I'm focusing on- wait for it...eating less. I'm still avoiding grains/sugar etc. just eating smaller portions, especially at dinner time. I guess I always thought that if I ate less somehow that would lead to me having an eating disorder. I also guess I went above and beyond to ensure that did not happen. I also suspect that my being "paleo" somehow gave my brain a green light to eat the huge amounts of food my stomach/eyes were used to, as long as they were "paleo." Point taken body, point taken. I'm retraining my eyes/brain to understand that I can support my activity levels on smaller amounts. Bear with me people, this is a process.

Hmm, what else...I bought Kobe Beef hot dogs the other day because they were on sale, and I think that's probably the most ridiculous concept I've heard of. And I like irony. If I see filet mignon hamburger out there, I'd probably get that too. Well, if it was on sale. I'll let you know if I can taste the Kobe.  Ew, that sounds weird.  Not the basketball player.  Oh, and I also got this dress on supersale. I love the color...I ordered it in a size smaller then I would normally get, and it fits!  Sorry for the poor mirror quality, its the only full length one I have.