Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stress Distraction

I've got so much to do, but instead of doing it, I'm finding 1,000 other things to do...Like write this. Anyone else do that when they are stressed? No? Fu#k.

I finished my workout nearly an hour ago, and I'm still drenched in sweat. I just refueled with a yam, ground turkey with homemade taco seasoning, and roasted broccoli. No, I haven't changed out of my workout clothes yet nosy noserson over there in the front office (long story if you don't get that reference). Our workout today was brutal. Our workout yesterday was brutal. The fact that summer just decided to show up here a few weeks ago makes it like Bikram CrossFit at the noon class. Hot, humid, Olympic lifts, sprints, pull-ups, and kettlebell work. Pretty sure I've used an entire bucket of chalk over the past few days.

Couple of exciting things related to exercise/nutrition:

On Saturday I participated in a team workout that involved 24" box jumps, 105# thrusters, rope climbs, and running with 25#. Two people were on a team, and while one person was doing the run with a sandbag across their shoulders (400m) the other person was working their way through 8 thrusters, 6 rope climbs (or 18 modified, which we did) and 11 24" box jumps. When partner #1 returns from run, they pick up where ever partner #2 is in the sequence. I ran first, and when I got back, my partner had made it to 12 modified rope climbs. So, I had 6 modified rope climbs to finish, and 11 box jumps. At 24". AKA the most 24" jumps I've ever had to do, and considering the first time I jumped on the 24" was 2 weeks ago...But I did it. I powered through the 11 box jumps and got through 1 thruster before my partner returned. Each time I came back from my run, my partner was on rope climbs, meaning I had to do all the box jumps! I performed a total of 51 box jumps over the course of the 31 minute workout. I only had to pick up the bar 3 times for a 105# thruster (holy crap). I was pretty damn excited that I never tripped up on the box, stuck with the 24" the whole time, and now my fear of that box is gone. It doesn't even look that high anymore! Next up- the 30" box. Now that one looks seriously high.

On Sunday I decided to take part in a challenge with some gym buddies- this is the same thing I did back in February, so if you are curious about how that went for me, you can check out my food/exercise log for February (started Feb 3?) and also peruse my posts from February. I loved the way I felt, loved having a strict routine (took the thinking out) and of course, being able to fit into jeans that I hadn't been able to for 5 years is always awesome. Right now, I'm feeling a little sluggish, as my body adjusts. I know from experience that in a few days I'll be feeling awesome.

Yesterday, we did a workout with pull-ups and I started with the (thinner) green band! This is huge progress for me. I was able to eek out my first set of 10 pull-ups on the green band, but then swiched to the thicker black band because my palms were so sweaty, I feared a disastrous mishap if my hands slipped. When I switched to the black band, it was ridiculous, as in, I can't believe not long ago I used to struggle with that band. I was flying over the bar like it was nothing. The sort of transformation my body needed I'm just now realizing takes (and is taking) an incredibly long time. But it is still happening, and that's why I still remain committed to what I started. The hardest thing for me so far in all my time at CrossFit is to stop comparing myself to others, and compare myself to me. When I do that, I'm much happier with the result.

Today we did a brutal workout- 3 rounds of:
8 step-ups holding 35# Kb in each hand (20" box, 4 each side)
20 mountain climbers (10 each side)
100m sprint
6 step-ups
20 mountain climbers
100m sprint
4 step-ups
20 mountain climbers
100m sprint
Rest 90sec

That was ONE round. Holy jesus. Have you ever tried stepping up onto something really tall while holding 70#???? I also noticed my right leg is stronger then my left, but that seemed to be a common theme with the rest of the class. I was the last person to finish this workout today, I felt like I was running on empty. Might be the current way I'm eating...the whole feeling sluggish thing.

Oh, and I know how much people like when bloggers post pictures, so here's a shot of my dog and his cock. Git yer minds outter tha gutter!


  1. When I have too much to do, I totally shut down and do nothing. Like part of me figures that if I'm not going to get it done anyway, I might as well ENJOY not getting it done! :)

  2. I should be doing one of the four assignments I have left for a class that ends in 12 days. Instead I am reading blogs.

    That's a big cock for such a small dog. How does he handle a cock that big?

    What can I say, I am a 14 year old boy on the inside.

  3. LOL on the dog and his cock. I didn't know you had a Frenchie, I love them!

    One of these days I will make it back up to Seattle and we can meet in person :) My mom and I have been talking about a weekend to go see the King Tut exhibit, do the zoo and the aquarium. Maybe this fall.