Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If You're Looking for Me...

You can find me on cloud 9. What is cloud 9 anyway? I have no idea. I just know it means that you are happy, elated, ain't-nuthin-gonna-bring-you-down...and that's where I'm at. In the future I'll try to use phrases I know the full meaning of. Like, don't put all your eggs in one basket. I get that one.

So...what has me in such a great mood? A great relief was lifted off my shoulders today after finished my face to face job interview for the position I'm not really experienced enough for, but thought I would try for anyway. I didn't realize how much of my energy had been focused on that until it was over. Also? Fun fact? I totally forgot to wear deodorant today. Of all the days...worst day to forget deordorant ever. I learned from my phone interview last week when I WAS wearing deodorant that I sweat profusely during any sort of questioning regarding my work experience. So yeah, put me in a silk suit with no deodorant in front of my 2 bosses and grand-boss, and yeah...there was some serious sweating going on. By the way, the silk suit I wore today was one my mom got me when I graduated college for interviews, 11 years ago. I believe this is the 2nd interview I've worn it to, mostly because a good 8 of the past 11 years its been too small. Today, I rocked it with a pretty green top underneath. Suits never go out of style.

Ok, besides the 11 year old suit fitting me, and having made it past the initial candidate screening and the phone interview to a face to face interview, I went into the mailroom today, and there was a box for me. I noticed the return address was "Reebok." ERMEHGERD!!!! My custom Rebook CrossFit shoes had arrived. I set the box down in my cube and told myself I would wait till after my interview to open them...like a present. My stomach was doing back flips as I anticipated questions for my upcoming interview. I heard my bosses dissmissing someone, and I poked my head out of my cube to get a look at my "competition." I. WAS. BLOWN. AWAY. What I saw was a girl walking towards the front door with long curly hair and a slightly larger (big boned? heh) frame. Some people that read this will know what that is funny. Anyway...I was surprised that my competition was another female in this VERY male dominated work environment. I think it is absolutely for the best. She was not wearing a suit however...

So, my interview. I was relaxed the majority of the time. There were a few technical questions that I totally bombed, that's where the whole lack of experience thing comes in. I'd say 80% of the interview was positive, and 20% was bombing the technical questions. I'm not a bullsh*tter, so I didn't want to start talking myself into a corner I couldn't get out of. I simply said "I don't know, or I don't have any experience with that." I tried my best to highlight my strengths, and crossed my fingers that my bosses see that my work ethic and potential is there, even though I don't have the experience yet. Luckily, they are familiar with me, and have seen me work for the past 1.75 years to know that when I say I pick up things fast, I'm not lying.

Once interview was over, and I properly retreated to the bathroom to wash/blot my underarms (I might have applied hand sanitizer) a wave of relief swept over me. I was done. I was also shaking with the adreneline release. I pounded water and proceeded to open up my package! My SHOES! OMG, love. They fit amazing, feel amazing, look amazing...and I was about to test them out on one of my favorite workouts. The 22 minute routine. My day just kept getting better.

I crushed the workout. I remember how back in my running days, the first run in new shoes always felt faster, so I'm not sure if that was the case here, but WOW. I used a heavier bar than last time, and had 2 people comment to me after the WOD on how fast I was moving. I'll give credit to the shoes.

The entire office (including mrs. don'twearworkoutclothesintheoffice) is gone this week at a staff meeting. You know what that means? No changing back into my suit. Yeah, I'm still in my workout clothes. Shortly after I returned from the gym, my boss pulled me into his office to say he thought I did an excellent job. I still have to wait 2 weeks until they announce the position, but that was nice of him. He has 3 daughters all around my age, so I think he knows what a big deal this was for me. Even if I don't get offered the spot, I am so happy I tried for it. Although, not getting offered the job does have the potential to kick me off cloud 9 but, not too far, probably only to cloud 8. :)


  1. Awesome job in killing the interview and what are these custom sneakers you speak of, they are purple how cool are they? You rock girl!

  2. Gooooood post :) I just applied for an internal position here at my work and am really excited too! Yay for good things!!

  3. The Reeboks are ADORABLE!!! And very very happy for you all around, Vb!