Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving, my excuse

For as long as I can remember, Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday. This is the first year that I recognize feelings of indifference to the whole shebang. It could be that we are not having traditional Thanksgiving fare this year, or perhaps that I'm distancing myself from food being a source of happiness/celebration/comfort. Food is fuel, and I figured out this year that my body prefers to run on the highest octane (no grains, sugar, dairy, or legumes).

Oh, how Thanksgiving used to be a reason for me to go nuts. It was acceptable to eat until I could eat no more. It was acceptable to eat foods that are rich in fat, sugar, refined carbohydrates, and the like. It was acceptable to eat pie for breakfast (the day after Thanksgiving that is)! Everyone was celebrating the gluttony, even my skinny friends. It was a free pass for me to do what I wanted. What I thought I wanted was to eat whatever I desired, and as much as I desired (because the rest of the year I was so deprived? Ha!). The rationals I used to make are nearly comical. I no longer want to do that.

Thanksgiving was the start of a month-long holiday food bender. In the past few years, it started around the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving, thoughts and actions such as "I'm going to be eating crappy in a few days, this donut won't matter" and "We are going to be cooking so much in the next few days, I better get some take out food." Then the big day would arrive, and I would eat and eat and eat, because that's what everyone was doing. Thanksgiving would meld into holiday parties, holiday parties turn into Christmas, Christmas turns in to New Years Eve, and then...!!!!!!!!!!

New Year's resolutions, disgust, regret, etc.

I'm hoping to avoid as much of this scenario as possible this year. Yes, tomorrow I will be partaking in non-paleo foods, and consuming more calories then I should, however, on Friday, it will be right back to the Paleo lifestyle. I will be attending CrossFit today, making up some form of CrossFit-like workout to perform at home on Thanksgiving, and be back in the gym on Friday and Saturday. I have come too far to fall back into old patterns. And, as I mentioned above, I'm noticeably indifferent this year to our Thanksgiving meal.

Things that got me excited this year instead? We have a house and are hosting our first Thanksgiving. I can wear a cute outfit (I'm pretty sure I wore sweats last year). I got a fancy table cloth, covered in roosters, or cocks if you prefer- that will keep me chuckling all day (yes, I'm 5). We will be eating off china that has been passed down to me from 2 generations. I have Thanksgiving decorations that I finally get to display. AND...I don't have to work tomorrow!

Have a wonderful holiday!


  1. Reading this makes me glad we're doing non-traditional food too - less temptation to pig out! I'll have to make it to my "xfit" (DM) this w/e too. Have fun entertaining!

  2. Glad to hear you're not struggling too much with temptation this season- that HAS to be a relief!!
    I can't wait to have my own Thanksgiving one day. :-) It will be nice to be totally in control of the whole deal.