Friday, November 12, 2010

Blogs Are More Than Accountability...

Blogs are awesome. My blog however, is REALLY awesome to me. I started it mostly for accountability, having an "audience" somehow helps me do what I say. How lame would it be if I just talked all the time about things I'm GOING to do, then never did them. I couldn't post fun progress pictures, or talk about my non-scale victories (NSV), or my workouts. If I wasn't making progress I think I would tire of this electronic diary pretty quickly! However, today as I find myself coming down with a cold, I was able to use my blog in an entirely different way. I looked back through my blog history because I remember blogging about the last time I was sick...seemed not that long ago...turns out it was February. Ha!

Something VERY interesting happened! I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but, my last cold was in February. I got instantly sick on the way home from the job interview in California. In my February sick post, I mentioned how I always seem to get sick when I can, like how 'in high school and college, I used to get a cold immediately after finals. It was like my bodies way of knowing it could finally relax.'

Well, lets see...I put my two weeks in yesterday, and today I'm sick. Like I said, maybe its just coincidence, but I really do appreciate that my body is getting this annual (sometimes semi-annual?) cold thing out of the way before I start a new job. I would hate to be in my first week and have to miss a day because of a cold. But, another awesome thing my body does? I tend to come down with colds on Fridays, so that I'm sick all weekend, but better enough to work by Monday.

So as I type away for my "audience" (thank you if you are real) I'm also chronicling the habits/trends/history of my health. Pretty cool, well, to me at least.

P.S. 49 days left in the challenge...7 weeks.

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