Thursday, November 4, 2010

"L" is for...

I have this friend, who I Love to death. Like all my friends, she is smart, pretty, funny, and I couldn't imagine Life without her. She recently moved 3,000 miles away to the east coast, but Luckily, she keeps a blog so I never feel too behind in her Life. One of my favorite things that she does is post pictures of her scrapes, bumps, bruises, and other various injuries. She gets injured a Lot. Well, I don't know what a Lot is exactly, but more then me. Probably because she Lives such a risky Life, being all hardcore and stuff (biking in downtown Portland? Hardcore!).

Today I was inspired to take a page out of her book. Check this out:

This awesome bruise is courtesy of a 26 pound kettlebell. I have a matching one on my other arm, but it was impossible to take a photo of both arms using my phone. Yesterday, we performed "kettlebell snatch" in which you pull a kettlebell from the ground, and snap it over your head with an extended arm. Somewhere at the height of the movement, the kettlebell remembers gravity, and falls back, Landing on the forearm. Supposedly there is a way to ease this slamming effect, but besides the pain when I or someone accidentally touches them, I think they make me Look hardcore.

This friend, Let's call her "L" says I'm an inspiration. Well, today, she's my inspiration.


  1. I used to be so proud of my bruises in Tae Kwon Do; however, you do have to be sure to immediately correct some people before they get that look in their eyes that says "I think you are being abused" haha

  2. Thanks V! You rock and I am not so hardcore- just sweat easily and am a clutz!!! Someday I will attempt a kettle ball snatch- once I am convinced I can do it without injury myself like my arm breaking off or my vertebrae into my legs.

  3. should be: vertebrae falling into my legs.

  4. was thinking it but need to write it: super honored to be included in a blog post!