Monday, April 11, 2011


The amount of support and teamwork taking place at the gym right now to get everything back up and going is so amazing, inspirational, and awe inspiring. People are coming out of the woodwork in the strangest (but good) ways to help out. As far as the workouts? Yeah, they still kick my ass.

Today we worked with a partner and had to complete the following:
50 tire flips (400+ pound tire)
500 punches
1 mile run carrying a 30lb sandbag

Who says you need fancy equipment to get a workout?

I'm sure we will look back on these days in a few months and laugh. One thing is for sure, I'm never going to take a single kettlebell, pull up bar, olympic bar, floor, or bucket of chalk for granted again.

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  1. So glad to hear that everyone is pulling together! I'm sure you'll only get stronger as a group for it. :-)