Saturday, April 9, 2011

Closed for Business

That's right, I'm engaged.

Onto other news, shortly after I was celebrating my new change in relationship status, I learned that something horrible happened to my gym.

The CrossFit I got to is relatively new, it is just shy of a year old. There are two owners, one owner that knows his shit and is amazing- I've talked about him before, and the other owner that put up the funds (on credit) to get things started, but has no talent, no brains, and now I realize, no class.

For the past few months, the awesome owner has been pretty open about needing investors since the no talent owner wanted out. He kept pushing forward everyday, from 5am to 8pm, running workouts and doing everything. The no talent owner hadn't set foot in the gym in over 4 months. What she was doing, no one knows.

In the middle of the night on Wednesday, the no talent owner came in and took everything. Every single piece of equipment. She took out the floor mats, the pull-up bars that were bolted into concrete, the boxes we jump on, every weight, every kettlebell, the computer, the phone, the t-shirts, sweatshirts...EVERYTHING.

The news spread fast, and instantly the members of our gym sprung into action. I have every bit of confidence that the owner can get the gym up and going again in short order. After all, he is the one with all the talent and vision. The only thing he needs are people to believe in him. I believe in him.

I'm going to help him in any way I can, because I want to keep going at pace I am. I have good momentum, and this will not interrupt it. As for the other owner, she will get what is coming to her one day. I have no doubts about that.


  1. Congrats on getting engaged!!

    That is so horrible about the gym.... hard to believe someone would be so completely unprofessional about it but then again not so unbelievable, I guess.

    Wishing you and your fellow members the best in getting the gym back up and running!

  2. Congrats on the engagement!

    And I'm sorry to hear about your gym... I hope everything gets settled, and that owner gets some karmic retribution.

  3. Congratulations Violet! Hope your gym can get back to gyming soon.