Saturday, April 16, 2011

Off With Their Heads!

Other stuff happens in my life besides trying to eat well and exercise. I'm going to share with you all what I think is an awesome story about my engagement, and how perfect my fiance is.

If you are a girl, you likely have ideas about how you want every major detail in your life to go down. First kiss, sweet 16 birthday party, 21st birthday party, meeting your future husband, getting engaged, wedding, planning a family, etc. Some girls are more obsessive about this stuff then others. I don't care about typical girly crap like the stuff mentioned above, however I've always known what kind of engagement ring I want.

So, when my boyfriend proposed to me, I got the ring I had been envisioning forever. Solitaire, square, shiny, platinum, etc. It was perfect. It fit perfect, it was Which is weird because if you know me, I'm not a jewelry girl. Immediately I spent so much time staring at it. Within about 10 minutes of having it on, I noticed something. I tried to ignore it. But I knew what it was.

In the bottom left corner, barely perceptible to anyone unless you had been staring at the ring for an hour straight in every possible angle, was a black dot. A tiny piece of un-diamonized carbon was trapped inside my ring. Did my boyfriend know it was there and was just waiting for me to say something? I didn't want to be a bitch, so I found a way to embrace it. I tried to make it my favorite part of my ring...showing it was real. It was rare, everyone has rings without pieces of the original carbon in them. But I was terrified someone would notice. I was also terrified to find out if my boyfriend knew about it, and got some sort of deal on it.

On Saturday we were headed out shopping, and my fiance was doing his daily ring check, and I decided to say something. I said "you know what my favorite part of the ring is?" "What?" he asked. I said "look, there is a little black dot in it, carbon...showing its real." "WHAT?!" he exclaimed. I assured him it didn't bother me (lie) but really, for the most part I was in love with my ring. He examined it more, and said it really bugs him. When we got home, he immediately (and secretly) called the jeweler where he bought the ring and told them what happened. The jeweler said to come down, pick out a new diamond, and they will switch it out. He told me that he was going to go down to the store and pick out a new diamond.

I was instantly relieved. I'm so happy that the black dot bothered him so much that he took immediate action. I know that being engaged is not all about the ring, and I don't really think that this story is about the ring. Its about my fiance knowing what I want, even when I'm not saying it out loud, and also that the same things that bother me, bother him. If those aren't excellent reasons to marry someone, I don't know what are.

I got my ring back with the new stone, and its gorgeous. Meanwhile, word is spreading throughout my family that I am planning a destination wedding most likely to Mexico. How does my family respond? "Um, are we going to get beheaded?" Yeah, I can't make this stuff up. I can already tell this whole me getting married thing is going to get really annoying once my family starts throwing their ideas out there. What's that you say? It's not their wedding? HAHAHAHAHAHA. You've never met my family. Sigh...maybe beheadings would be a good thing?

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  1. interesting......and seems a nice couple..its not about the ring its about the care for each other and mutual understanding.
    Best of luck and happy life in future

    aimee sparker