Saturday, April 23, 2011

Summer Clothes

Today is the first warm sunny day here since....September 2010? I wish I was kidding. Seattle is a funny place. There is no taking the sun for granted, so each sunny warm day becomes a cliche of bright white people laying out on any patch of grass, bbq's, lawn mowing, car washing, etc. I can't say that I am immune to being a cliche...I spent nearly the whole day lounging in a plastic Adirondack chair in my backyard, with bouts of yard work and house work between. Also? I took my summer clothes bin out of storage!

Twice a year I do a clothes swap. In the fall I put shorts, t-shirts, short skirts, and capri's in bin and replace the holes in my closet and drawers with sweaters, dark long sleeve shirts and dark trousers. In the spring, I switch back. The past few years, I haven't been too excited about the spring swap, meaning more skin will soon be showing. This year, it has been awesome! Shorts and skirts that haven't fit for years went on with ease. I also discovered my body has succumbed to the CrossFit curse...pants and shorts are snug in the legs and gaping at the waist.

I've always had huge quadriceps, but a huge mid-section to match. Its a weird thing for my legs to over take my mid-section, but I love it! I'm finally achieving the body my genetics dictates, and losing the body that I continued to abuse and mistreat.

Yay for sunny weather!


  1. Seriously, it is the CrossFit curse! But I'll take it. I sure never thought my problem would be that my waist was too small. It's an OK problem to have. :)

  2. T-shits - had to say it. Yay warmness!