Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is Hard

I want to preface this post by saying I don't believe in quick fixes. Never have. I understand that having a lot of weight to lose is complicated. One's approach to losing that weight is going to be as unique as the situation that got them into that position in the first place.

But really? Gastric by-pass or lap band surgery for an individual that has no medical reasons for not being able to lose weight on their own infuriates me! Yes, I see it as a cop out. Yes, I see it as cheating.

Anyone that has tried for years to lose weight knows that its not easy. Its not even CLOSE to easy, which is why people spend years trying! I'm just fired up about this because the past few days have been really hard for me. I've been so good sticking with my Paleo lifestyle, passing up the delicious catered desserts at work, cinnamon rolls, boyfriends father's birthday cake, etc., etc. Last night I was so hungry I wanted to eat my hand. THIS IS HARD. But I know it will pass. Another week of eating so good like this, and my body will transform into a machine. I already feel really good about my decisions, and the temptations are getting easier to pass up each time.

And then I think about someone who got to take the easy road. Someone that just had to shell out a few bucks and recover from surgery. How is that learning? How can someone be proud of that? How does that even count?

I'm sure this is just my grouchy stomach talking. Give me a week, and I'll have less hate towards things I can't control that have no effect on me whatsoever. Ha!


  1. Good job! At least you can say you are an inspiritation...due to hard work and effort!

  2. You can SO do this. Paleo/Primal is the way to go. I have been doing it for just over a year. I have lost 70 pounds and have 30 more to go. Once you get past the cravings it gets so much easier. There is a great group of us on Facebook who all do Paleo/Primal lifestyle. We encourage each other, share recipes and help each other however we can. If you want an invite to the group just let me know and I'll add you. Keep it up! It really does work :)

  3. I think it's intersting that you think surgery is the "easy" way out.

    Keep in mind that I lost my weight "the proper way" (per your criteria), lots of exercise and diet.

    I used to weigh almost 330 lbs. If my last effort at diet had not have worked, I would have been a candidate for WLS. There's a huge difference between soemone who wants to lose 20 or 30 lbs and gets WLS and someone who requires it to save their life. I do not judge anyone for how they choose to take off weight in order to live, rather than exsist.

    Not even people who restrict their diets and cut out entire food groups (grains, dairy, sugar, legumes....).

    I guess what I'm saying is that everyone has to find what works for them and only them, even if it seems ridiculous to other people.

  4. That's always been my perspective towards lap band or gastric bypass surgery. If there is a medical reason for it that's one thing, but for so many it seems to me to be a quick fix.

    Had to laugh at your comment about wanting to eat your hand. My first thought was, "at least your hand is paleo!" ;)

  5. Living a healthy lifestyle is hard work and I am so proud of all you do! As someone who works in healthcare, it is way too common for people to want a pill or a surgery to fix things. Ultimately, multiple studies show us that transforming your lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating is best and will help you maintain results for the long haul. You are doing great and inspiring, I bet your hand could be tasty, especially if you put a little bacon on it!