Monday, March 21, 2011

I Climbed This:

And believe it or not, it was actually harder then it looks. Is that possible? I don't think my lungs have ever felt like they were on fire with thousands of pins sticking them simultaneously, and bleeding. I imagine its how it feels if you've never done any exercise in your life, and then try to run a mile. The only problem? I have done exercise my whole life.

I had this great game plan, so I thought...I would jog the first 20 floors (out of 73) and then pace myself for the next 30- 40, and then jog at the end. Yeah...that lasted all of about 2 minutes, until I got to floor 5? 7? Definitely before floor 10, and a 12 year old kid in a leg cast passed me. I walked the rest of the way, taking every water break, and letting numerous people pass. I'm pretty sure the fireman on the 70th floor (when I had 3 floors left) thought I was going to pass out because he walked me up the last 3 floors. Embarrassing!

Anyway, I'm so glad I did it. I raised a lot of money for a good cause. Oh, the best part? The view from the top:


  1. Wow, totally impressive! I am panting by floor #4 in my building :-/

  2. I have loved reading your blog. Thanks for the great tips and convo today at x-fit. YOU are a total inspiration to me. I hope to be able to take on the "hard" diet that you live by. Thanks for being real and transparent so that others can learn along with you. You are SO right hard work is contagious! X-Fit is contagious...I crave it now. I'd love to do the workouts on that diet...I hear it really helps. I hope you can walk tomorrow after today's workout it looked hard! :o) See you soon!!!