Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everything is Bigger in Texas!

Including me! I returned late Thursday night from Texas. I felt bloated and tired of eating food cooked in a restaurant. I dreaded stepping on the scale Friday morning, but I did. I was up 2 pounds. Considering what I ate (oh, and I remember EVERYTHING because I had to write it all down for my current nutrition challenge) I saw this as a huge victory.

Friday I spent the day diligently eating protein, salad, and healthy fat. I went to CrossFit for the first time in a week, and WOW, that kicked my butt. It felt so good to be back in my routine again. Just as returning home from a vacation is the best part of going away, returning to my routine is the best part about taking a break from one!

I weighed myself again on Saturday morning, and I was down 1.8 pounds. I consider that another HUGE victory. It took only one day to erase all the Texas damage. For any low-carb skeptics still out there, it really works.

Today I'm headed downtown to climb 1,311 steps. I will be scaling the Columbia Tower, the tallest building in Seattle. I'm hoping I can still walk tomorrow!

I might be back later to recap the climb. Wish me luck!

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