Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Party Week is Over

What a week its been. Its indicative of summer, and also of a rapidly approaching wedding in which we are doing a lot of stuff ourselves. I'm not going to lie- my eating has been crap, and I've been drinking alcohol like a college kid (red wine, but still). I feel like crap. I need to get this under control immediately. As of today, things in my life are slowing down a lot, so tonight for the first time in over a week, I will have a chance to prepare some meals at home for the coming week. Preparation is so key. You KNOW things have been bad when the only things I can think about eating are chicken breast and broccoli.

This life of mine is about balance, so if there is a week where I choose to take every social opportunity thrown my way and let the house get cluttered and my eating fall slightly behind, I'm going to go with it. I've spent plenty of time in the past denying requests from friends because I didn't want to risk screwing up my diet, but I feel I'm at a new place right now. A few nights of celebratory drinks and a road trip out of town is not going to send me off a cliff.

Yesterday (Monday, ha!) I fell right back into my comfortable schedule of skipping breakfast (downing BCAA's and water), hitting the gym for an awesome workout at 12 noon, eating my first meal post workout, and then having a smaller meal around 6pm. The bf deluxe and I were up until nearly 10pm finishing the last of the painting in our house, as we are closing up (FINALLY) a huge room transformation. I'll post the before and afters later when our new couch arrives. Basically, I think I've mentioned that we have been working on this project since May, and all of our funiture/house is in disarray. But the end is so near I can taste it. I can hardly wait to enjoy the new and improved space.

This morning at 4:30am the bf deluxe left for a 3 day trip to help his parents move. They are moving 2 states over to Montana, and the timing of this trip was really putting pressure on getting the remodeling to a point where I could jump in (I'm only allowed to paint, clean, and buy stuff). Especially with the holiday week last week, and all the crazy social stuff we had going on. Fortunately, we got it farther along then I was anticipating. The room is to the point where it just needs finishing touches, and that means we can move our furniture back in and don't have to live with everything in the front (tiny) room! So, with the house to myself, and nothing on the agenda, I will be getting the house back in order, planning a huge yard sale for Saturday (also receiving the new couch at some point on Saturday- would that look weird during the yardsale? Eh, whatever), cleaning, and prepparing awesome meals for me!

If the yard sale goes well, we could be living in a semi-normal house by Sunday (minus tiny, tiny, details, like moulding and curtains). After 2 months of madness, nothing makes me happier. GAWD...whose idea was it to have our wedding at our house?!?! :)

Here are a few pics from party week:

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