Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

Yesterday when I arrived back at the office from the gym, I noticed NO ONE was around.  I quickly got to thinking about all the non-work things I could be accomplishing- I'm attending a wedding on Friday and I need something new to wear, I had a bachelorette party later that night (for the bride of said wedding), I probably needed something new to I quickly finished up all my pressing items and tried to leave the office early.  I got out of there a whopping 12 minutes before I usually take off. 

I headed to the mall with a few goals- get something for the wedding, and maybe something for the bachelorette party.  I walked into my favorite seciton of Macy's and started grabbing things left and right.  I'm quick and efficient in the dressing room, I know what I like and what won't work, and quickly make decisions.  It was down to 2 dresses, so I broke out the camera phone and sent text pic's to the bestie for advice- how did people do ANYTHING before cell camera phones?!?!

Someone wasn't waiting by their phone for my texts, so I had to make a decision.  I chose the more conservative one that was comfortable.  The dress was originally $99.98, it was 50% off at $49.98, and then, it rang up as $30?  I had a left over gift card in my purse that covered the whole thing, so the dress was basically free.  Off to shoes I went.  I found a pair of gold strappy wedge sandals- I was previously so against wedges, but these were unbelievably comfortable, so I got them.  They were originally $79, marked down to $47, but they rang up as $25!!!  Macy's was having some crazy sale.  Then I headed over to purses to get me a fancy clutch.  I figured since my dress was kinda simple, I'd make it cool with a gold clutch, gold shoes, and I have yet to get some gold dangly earrings and maybe a headband.  On my way home from the mall, I scheduled an appointment to get my hair straightened for the wedding. 

I scored a brand new outfit for the wedding on Friday (and I have another wedding later in the month I can wear this to again) for unde $50!!!!  I wore the shoes to the bachelorette party to test them out, and at least be wearing something new, and they passed the test! 

Here's me doing "fashion show" for the bf deluxe- I call this 'Violet Steel' sorry you can't see the shoes!

I'm off to meet a friend at the gym now for workout before I partake in America's Birthday activities.  I'm going to echo Ms. Norma's sentiments and say "be independent."  There is no reason to eat the crappy who-knows-what meat hotdogs and other crap offered at BBQ's today. My independence means a kick-ass workout, a day in the sun with the bf deluxe, some fireworks, and some delicious food that won't make me feel like crap.

Oh, and a couple of PR's this week of note- Turkish Get Up- 62 pounds on my right side.  FUCK YEAH.  Yesterday my new 1 RPM deadlift- 255.  Thats up 20# from the last time I tested.  275# deadlift, here I come. 


  1. LOVE the dress!

    I did well today, got a chef salad for lunch so avoided any "burgers" plus it was a nice low key day, no big BBQ's to attend.

    Have fun at the parties.

  2. You are a BEAST; KILLING it at the gym!!! Hope the bachelorette party was a blast; have fun @ the wedding. :)

  3. Found your blog via the comments section over at Norma's...glad I clicked over as I am also on a mission to get my first pull up.