Monday, July 16, 2012

Enough Monkey Business

I'm giving myself a deadline for my pull-up.  60 days.  Starting yesterday.  I've got my kip swing down, now I'm working on driving the energy from my hips upwards to launch me up and above the bar.  I just realized that I had a slight fear of letting my hands come off the bar. during the swing  I was holding on with a death grip, and now, I'm much more comfortable.  I swing and make sure my hands get some air between them and the bar, this means I'm making myself "weightless" for a few seconds, and also the time my pull-up will occur when I finally get it.  I'm close.  It's time for me to stop effing around and just get it done already.

So, what is my plan for the next 58 days?  1) Continue intermittent fasting, 2) increase protein, increase vegetable consumption, reduce simple carb intake, 3) resume my fish oil taking at night- been slacking on this! 4) Bonus pm workout.  

Yesterday I did 101 kettlebell swings before bed- 10 swings every minute on the minute for 10 minutes (plus one for good luck).  Today I just did 100 push-ups using the same format.  I'm going to focus on upper body and core movements for my bonus workout.  I might alternate Kb swings and push-ups for a little while, then add in some hollow rocks, jack knife push-ups, handstands, chair dips, and Kb snatches/push press/jerks. 

Whatever it is, it will be no less than 100 reps. 


  1. Do you use a chair for stability and when you need a little break on the pullups or are you just going for it? Nice job on the KB work, KB are tough!

  2. SB- at my gym there is a whole row of pull up bars, and boxes to use to reach them. Typically, I step up onto a box to reach the bar, and then step to the side of the box so I can hang/swing freely. There was a long time when the only thing I could do was hang from the bar. Then I practiced engaging my abs/shoulders to get a little lift, and then I worked on my kip swing. Once I got comfortable with my kip swing, I asked one of the trainers for tips. I learned that I needed to begin focusing my swing energy upwards instead of back and forth. I'm sure if you google kip swings there are lots of videos so you can see what I mean. Many people argue that a lipping pullup is not a real pullup, but whatever, if my chin goes over the bar, that's a pull up!