Monday, February 28, 2011

Hard Work is Contagious

This is a story about a guy who attends my gym. He has no idea I'm writing this, and would probably be creeped out if he did! He and I often overlap times and are sometimes in the same workout class. Sometimes he spends hours at the gym, working on skills, strength, or whatever. He's not the fastest or strongest guy at the gym, but in the past few weeks I've noticed a huge change in him.

He's slimmed down a lot. He's getting faster and lifting more weight. And in the past week, after each workout, he has been heading out the back door to run a mile. AFTER THE WORKOUT! I remember hearing about it- someone said to me "Hey, guess what? *&%^% ran a mile after yesterdays' WOD." "What?!" I said.

Then he did it again (carrying a 20lb ball). And again (in the snow!). And then? People started to run with him. It started with one girl. Then two. Today? Five people ran with him, including me. I don't think he even realizes what he started. He's just a guy, trying to better himself, and in doing that, it caught on. I know I'm not going to let another day go by where I see him head out the door after a workout without me. I'm not going to fall behind! He raised the bar for himself, and that makes me want to raise the bar for myself. Thanks guy at the gym for showing me that the best way to get people to do something is by example.

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