Sunday, May 6, 2012

Playgrounds; Not Just for Kids

Last Sunday, while on a bike ride, I was reminded of just how close we live to an Elementary School.  With a fancy playground.  The bf deluxe and I rode onto the school grounds, and played on the weird new things that playgrounds have these days (seriously, have you been to a playground recently?  They have apparatuses that look like they could be from outer space?).  There were also plenty of bars for me to hang from...I instantly had a genius thought.  I could come here when I want to practice my pull-ups/toes to bar/etc!  Eventually I want to install some sort of pull-up bar in the yard, but until then, I have the playground that is about 400m from my house. 

Today is a goregous day here in Seattle, perfect sun and 65 degrees.  After some coffee and sun time, I put on my spandies and ran the 400m down the street to the playground for some quality pull-up time.  The bars are skinny, and it felt weird holding onto them.  For whatever reason, I didn't feel as strong hanging on these skinny bars as I do at the gym.  I decided to make the most of it and do what I could. 

After praciting some kip swings, I did 5 rounds of: 5 toes to bar, 10 pistols (5 each leg).  There was a little platform that was a perfect target for my bottom to hit as I squat with the pistol- I am unable to do them without making sure my butt has something to land on, I then make sure to only use the one leg when standing back up.  They are freaking HARD.  I have mad appreciation for people that can do them free standing.  Just for fun, as I was running the 400m back home, I started to tall up all my movements for the week:
Including today, for the past week, I performed:
72 air squats
72 reverse alternating lunges
72 jump lunges
72 jump squats
80 chest to bar pull-ups (band assisted)
80 plyo-push ups on a 25# plate
2600m of running
100 Deadlifts; 75 at 135#, 25 at 185#
95 Burpees; 45 burpee box jumps onto a 20" box, 50 regular
45 snatches; 15 full snatches at 65#, 30 snatches at 45#
25 toes to bar
50 pistols (25 each leg)

All of these were of course being performed as fast as possible.  There really is a different element added when you are trying to do something as fast as possible versus just getting through it.  I need to be working harder.  I don't mean during my workouts.  I give them my all as frequently as I can.  I mean I need to be spending my free time practicing movements.  I need to make use of every second at the gym and work on skills in addition to the written workouts. 

Weekends have now turned into skill days for me.  Until I'm a pro (ha!) I'll be practicing double unders, pull-ups at the playground, turkish get-ups, box jumps, pistols, etc.  If there is one thing I know, the best and fastest way to get better at something is to just keep doing it. 

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