Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have a cold/I don't have a cold

Yeah, what I have is annoying. I'm definitely displaying some signs of a cold. But, I don't FEEL like I have a cold. This happened to me before, last fall. I kept thinking that I was coming down with a cold, everyone around me was sick, but it never turned into more then just a few sniffles and a dry cough. I realized I must have caught the cold, but something about my lifestyle kept the symptoms to a minimum. SAME THING HERE.

Last week the bf deluxe had a cold, and I kept thinking "hope I don't get it." Like I always have thought anytime someone around me has been sick. A few days later, I had a minor stuffed up nose (sometimes its more stuffed up than not). I had kind of a scratchy throat, but not anymore, and sometimes I cough. I've still been able to get a lot done at work, I've still been going to the gym, my body feels fine, no aches or anything.

So is this what a wheat free/gluten free/paleo cold is like? If so, sign me up! Before going paleo, I'd only get sick maybe once or twice a year, but it would always put me down for at least a day or two. My body would ache, and I'd feel too weak to work out. I figured it was ok once in awhile to get a cold, it would build my immune system. I've never had, and never plan to get a flu shot. Ew. I have no idea what is in that crap, or why I would ever need one if I only get one cold a year, and now I get a semi-cold?

I'm always so intrigued by the things I have become so accustom too changing simply because I eliminated a few items from my regular diet. I read a great quote yesterday on someone's FB page-

-Ann Wigmore

True Dat.


  1. I'm thinking it's a touch of seasonal allergies? Pollen maybe? They can develop in people who've never had them before...I never had them as a kid, but now in the spring and fall I'll have a few weeks of post nasal drip, vague scratchy throat, and random morning sneezing.

  2. Nope, not allergies! Pre-paleo I had horrible allergies, and within days of eliminating grains, "poof" allergies gone. I never knew what feeling good was like until I was paleo and allergy free. In fact probably the #1 reason why I've been able to stay paleo is because whenever I do eat wheat or gluten, within hours I have to put up with sneezy/stuffy/one eye-red-and-watering self. Also, allergy snot=clear, right now=not clear. TMI?