Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Boot Straps: Found

After a solid 4 days of eating well, exercising, and drinking lots of water, how do you think I feel?  Great.  The answer is great.  Of course.  I mean, who doesn't feel good when they are treating their body right?  I'm not going to waste time talking about how good I feel, or how 'this time is different' or any garbage along those lines.  Talk is cheap. 
I followed through on creating an Instagram account for things related to this blog- i.e., I'll be posting pictures of my food, pictures of my gym, progress pics, etc.  If that interests you, you can find me under username: imissmycollarbone
When I have the itch to change, to start doing what I need to do, the motivation and drive is easy.  That's why I always kind of chuckle at "the Monday starters."  I mean, everything is great, the grass is green, the sun is shining...and then somewhere, somehow that initial energy wanes.  Oh, do I know about that!  In fact, if that initial energy didn't wane for 98% of the population, everyone would be fit, rich, highly educated, successful, grateful, and achieving all their goals, whatever they may be.  If you can't relate to this energy wane in a health related sense, then I'm sure you can relate to it in some other way; tomorrow I'll start saving more money, tomorrow I'll quit smoking, tomorrow I'll spend more time with my family...
My battle is no longer with knowing what to do, or even doing it.  My battle is doing it forever.  I have a lot of respect and admiration for individuals that are so driven, they reach goal after goal.  There is no reason why I can't be one of those people as well.  I know from experience that everything takes practice.  I've had plenty of practice being at the crossroads for that point when the energy wanes.  I don't know if this is the time that things will finally click, and I push past that point to infinity- but I'm going to try my hardest. 
Fall down 46 times, get up 47. 

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  1. Glad you are back ! :) Keep up the great work.