Friday, March 14, 2014

A New Reason to Hate Moby

Poor Moby.  He gets a bad rap (ha, Eminem, get it?).  I don't really hate him.  BUT he is responsible for some super sore quads and hammies today.  Part of our warm up was "tempo squats to Moby."  I saw that on the gym website and in my head was like "huh?" 
Turns out, it was exactly what it said it was.  We put bars on our backs, the trainer cued up some Moby, and we squatted.  And we squatted.  And we held the bottom of a squat.  And we squatted some more.  It was only 3ish minutes, and not knowing what I was in for, I went with a blank bar (35#).  Thank god, I didn't go prescribed weight- 65#, or I wouldn't be walking today. 

If you want to give your muscles a nice wake up call, give it a try.  I've seen videos on the interwebs of people doing this with squats, push-ups, and even handstand push-ups. 

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