Friday, September 13, 2013

Saying Good-bye

The other night we had our second meeting with our birth doula, and it was great.  I think hiring a doula was one of the best decisions we've made throughout this process.  I expressed to her my end of pregnancy thoughts, and she mentioned that it is natural to still feel a disconnect between growing a baby (being pregnant) and actually having a baby (labor/birth/afterbirth).  I decided in order to move forward, I need to make peace with my pregnancy and say goodbye.
As I've mentioned numerous times, I've enjoyed pregnancy immensely.  I had no idea what to expect, and this being my first time, I had nothing to compare this to.  Of course I had ideas of how I wanted certain things to go- like how I wanted to keep my eating Paleo, continue to crossfit until the end, work up until the end, wear cute maternity clothes, and pretty much lead a normal life while growing a life.  This experience surpassed any wishes I held. 
Looking back, on my 38 weeks I can state the following truths:
- My morning sickness was short-lived and very manageable despite that one time I puked in the streets of downtown Seattle...
- Exercising (specifically Crossfitting) made me feel great
- A body pillow is the most amazing thing
- No insomnia issues
- It is possible to look somewhat cute/professional, and be comfortable in your clothes
- There was no time when I felt restricted because of my pregnancy.  I traveled a lot in my 3rd trimester, and even flew on an airplane 35 weeks pregnant. 
- Being pregnant is mood lifting for me
- Ankle swelling is/has been minimal
- Pro-biotics are the key to heartburn minimization
- My nails are awesome
- clear skin
There were a few things that I was sort of hoping for in pregnancy, but I'm not losing any sleep over not experiencing:
- My belly button never popped out- it's not even close
- No linea nigra- I think they are so beautiful
- Gain no more than 20 lbs (last check I was at 28lbs gained)
I'm so happy to end this pregnancy on a high note.  I had a long laundry list of things (both pregnancy and non-pregnancy related) that I wanted to accomplish before the baby came, and the list has been completed.  Everything is falling into place to allow for the next phase- baby. 
Pregnant self- I bid you adieu.  Thank you for all the great memories and feelings these past 9 months.  Thank you for allowing me to rest, exercise, work, and lead a very normal life.  Thank you for allowing me to become closer to people, for all the new knowledge I've gained, and for proving to me that random acts of kindness do exist.  Thank you for showing me once again, that my body is amazing by allowing me to participate in part of one of the oldest female rituals and rites of passage.  It is an experience I hope to never take for granted, and to continue to use in the future to draw strength from when needed.  Pregnant self, you have been amazing, and in the coming weeks whenever you choose to leave, I support you.

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  1. Best wishes on your birth and becoming a mom. So excited that you found your healthy path before becoming pregnant. It will make a huge difference to your kid(s).