Friday, September 6, 2013

A Pumpkin, Placenta Encapsulation, and Pedrodos

Seems fitting that fall is just around the corner, and at nearly 38 weeks pregnant, I have a pumpkin in my belly.  A very, very, large pumpkin.  I looked at myself in the mirror today and laughed.  My stomach is so ridiculous.  I'm still not feeling "laborish" yet.  Of course, I have no idea what that might feel like, but I imagine discomfort?  Nope, not really.  I have occasional pelvis aches once I stand up from sitting, but once I get moving and/or pee I feel fine.  Bad sleep?  Nope, been sleeping fairly well, usually only wake once to pee.  Frequent Braxton Hicks?  I don't think 1 or so contractions a day is frequent.  So, yeah, I feel like this baby is going to be in for the long haul. 
Meanwhile, I've made good progress towards getting mentally ready for baby by completing items on my "To Do Before Baby" list.  I still need to find a Pediatrician, we are shopping for a second car, and I should probably freeze more dinner stuff.  Oh, and I need to make sure I have my cabinet stocked with the snacks to munch on in labor- applesauce, popsicles, lara bars, apples and almond butter, maybe a sweet potato?  Trying to think of things that are easy, comforting, and not too big of a load to my digestive system.  I also want to bring along some sort of amazing post- birth meal to share with everyone- doula, midwife, etc.  I'm having a hard time thinking of what that could be.  Placenta and onions?  Ha ha. 
Speaking of placenta, I have made the decision to have my placenta encapsulated for my post-partum consumption.  Now, I know the evidence to support eating ones placenta is not solid.  However, the way I see it, if it can't hurt, then why not?  I mean, its sort of like believing in Heaven.  You do good things your whole life in the hopes you make it into Heaven, when the evidence of Heaven there any?  But, either way you win.  You either lead a good moral life with the notion of going to Heaven, or you actually get to go to Heaven!  Same with placenta eating.  Either it does nothing except give you a placebo effect, or it does amazing things like increase your milk supply, help with mood swings, and makes for a faster recovery.  So at worst I'll only think something is happening, and at best, something really will be happening.  Sounds like a fair risk to me. 
We still don't have names picked out yet.  I never thought naming a kid would be so hard, but it is!  I think we may have settled on a girl name, but so far I haven't heard any boy names that are "the one".  I suppose I'm too picky.  It can't be too plain, or too weird, or too popular.  It can't be one of those crazily spelled names, or the name of someone I know in my regular group of friends, and maybe even a few layers out from there- friends of friends.  So, I think effectively, I've ruled out every boy name on earth.  Naming our dog was so easy.  I just looked at him, and he was "Pedro" I've tried to sell the husband on "Pedrodos" but I'm meeting resistance. 
So, yes, I've entered the in-between time, or zwischen as the Germans have so aptly named it.  I'm waiting.  I'm preparing.  I'm enjoying my last few weeks to myself and with my husband.  I'm ready to say good-bye to this belly and welcome a newborn to the family.  My thoughts are comprised of "when" this thing is going to happen.  It is time for me to accept that I've done everything I can to prepare, and let what will be, be.  I'm still working, and plan to continue coming into the office until I go into labor.  It's a good way for me to keep distracted and busy.  Also, like I mentioned in my last post, I plan to spend my down time knitting.  The repetitive motion is relaxing, and I've always found it so nice to be able to sit on the couch watching tv and actually create something! 
And for those curious folk- here is me yesterday in all my gigantic baby glory:


  1. I'm sure once you see the baby, the name will come to you. Wow you look so healthy!