Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coming Up for Air

Periodically, I take a step back from this space an evaluate what I want to share here, and what I want to convey. There isn't much I can say that hasn't been said before, and my life has just been sort of a blur of incredibly busyness at work, and status quo with my eating/workouts. I tend to take a page out of NORMA's book (link on the right, Welcome to my World) and I pretty much only eat a few things over and over. For me, its easiest to come up with meals that I can eat over and over, and then when I get sick of that, find another acceptable combination of foods to eat over and over, and then repeat. Last time I checked in here, I was obsessed with spinach/kale/banana/chia/berry smoothies. One day I woke up and just wasn't feeling that anymore, so I switched to greek yogurt with fresh berries, chia seeds, a few nuts for crunch, and a dab of honey. Before the smoothies I was into egg/veggie muffins. Pretty soon, I might be back to the egg muffins/scrambles. My lunches and dinners always involve a protein and some veggies. Are you asleep yet?

Workouts have been ok, the busyness at work has taken a slight toll on my frequency at the gym, because sometimes I'll just perform the workout of the day at our office gym in back to save time, also my walking has increased significantly since I'm still taking the bus 3x a week. The days I take the bus, I walk about 3 miles, so I don't feel SUPER bad if I miss a gym workout on those days, but I really miss my regular schedule! I didn't realize just how much time I was missing at my gym until the other day when I went to my normal noon class, and I was like a celebrity. Everyone thought I had left the country or something. What a great feeling that is! I assured them I'd be back to my normal schedule soon enough, as my bus riding days are coming to a close in about a week! I'm so excited for that.

I've still been checking in on blogs, although I rarely comment. I read, I swear I do! Things seem to be a mixed bag out there, some are rockin' it, others are struggling to get back on track, and of course, there are the status quo folks (myself included). Historically this is the time of year when my body gets excited for longer days, drier days, and I find myself engaging in many more activities. I absolutely love the moment the seasons just slightly begin to change, and you KNOW spring is around the corner. After taking a breather to focus on work, I'm ready to start gearing up and focusing on me again. Watch out for more regular posts coming soon! Just need to get over this little hump!

Oh, I'll leave you with a story from yesterday on life with the hubs. I called husband around 11am, knowing he leaves for work around 1pm. We had a huge chunk of pork shoulder in the fridge, and I didn't have anything planned for dinner. I asked him if he could throw a chunk of pork into the crockpot for me so it would be ready when I got home at 5:30p. He of course agreed after some feigned annoyance. I walked in the door close to 6pm, and the house smelled amazing. After some dog attention and locking up the chickens, I pulled the lid off the crock pot, poked the pork shoulder with some tongs, and the meat practically fell apart. I was SO excited. From walking in the door to having a delicious meal of slow cooked pork and veggies, it was maybe 10 minutes. A few minutes after dinner, the hubs called me and I told him how amazing the pork was. His reply? "I've never used that thing before (the crockpot) seriously, it took me longer to make coffee than it did to throw that all together." Me- "and I got a delicious warm meal immediately upon arriving home. We must do this more." Teamwork. That's how we keep on track in our home. Planning ahead, working together, and some awesome crockpot technology.


  1. I am impressed. I don't think I could get my husband to use the crock pot. I bow down to you. LOL

  2. I'm with you on those repeated meals!
    I have yet to put my crockpot to good use ... I really should get to it.

  3. Teamwork is awesome. Crockpots are awesome. Thanks for the shout-out & posts/comments from you are always nice to see!

  4. Always look forward to seeing a new post from you!

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