Tuesday, November 20, 2012

T-Day Plans

I just want to start out by saying Magic Mike is the best movie of all time. That's all.

Thanksgiving week has arrived! I keep forgetting that its this Thursday. Mostly because this year we haven't had to do any planning, shopping, prepping, cleaning, and won't be doing any cooking either, its fantastic! We are headed to a friends house. We will be bringing an appetizer, and that's all. That means no left overs at the house, no repeated spoon tastes as the meal is cooking, and since we aren't making the meal, chances are it won't be all of our favorite things made our favorite ways, hence making the desire to overindulge nill. It is my personal dream scenario!

My gym is having a Thanksgiving workout on Thursday, and I asked the hubby if I had time to attend before we had to hop on a ferry to go dinner, but that idea was shot down as I wouldn't have time to shower and that bothered him (not me). So I said, fine, I'll just run around the neighborhood in the morning and then shower. He laughed at me and said "yeah, run before you eat 800 calories." I said, "exactly." Men. Skinny men at that-they just don't get it.

I have no black Friday shopping plans, the whole thought of facing crowds on my precious day off is unappealing. I've never actually heard of, or seen an advertised deal that was worth waking up early for, and then potentially having to fight crazed soccer moms for it. No thanks. Online shopping is the best thing in the world, especially since I have to ship everything anyway.

I know sometimes I can be sarcastic and snarky, but I do really appreciate everything I have. I've seen it all over the place this month, people stating what they are thankful for. In honor of Thanksgiving week, here are my top 10:

1) My parents/family- they provided me with the best upbringing they knew how and shaped my thinking into what it is today. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here, and I certainly wouldn't be me.
2) My hubby- he is amazingly supportive of whatever I do, and can make me laugh even when I'm super mad. He is the perfect compliment to all the areas in which I'm deficient (fixing stuff, being nice, laundry).
3) My job- I have a great boss, and we work for a great company. There are not very many (no?) other times in my life I could have made that same statement.
4) My gym- I feel so fortunate to have discovered the CrossFit community, and had a positive experience from day one. There is no going back for me, its the highlight of my day.
5) My friends- I have the best friends ever. I should probably note that when I say I have friends, I mean, real, living, breathing individuals that I see in person, and not just correspond with through various "social" sites.
6) My health- I take this for granted so often, then come down with a minor cold which reminds me I need to stop taking it for granted. I am able to do so much, and I feel good. I need to remember that for some people, that is not the case.
7) My dog- He's the best dog in the world. There is nothing better than coming home to his wiggling, excited butt every day.
8) My home- I love our house. It just keeps improving.
9) My chickens- They are nothing but pure entertainment, and provide us with yummy eggs. I'm so excited Williams-Sonoma now carries chicken coops. Its like they could read my mind! Santa? You listening?
10) Obama- I'm so thankful he won. I know he's had his share of mistakes, but I really believe he has the right mind and intelligence to continue to improve our situation. Nothing happens overnight, let him do his job.

Ok, enough sap for now. Its almost gym time for some deadlifts and hand release push-ups. I love me some deadlifts!!!

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  1. The only thing that ruined Magic Mike was dialogue.