Monday, November 5, 2012

"You're Going to Crush This"

I mentioned a few posts ago about my confidence issue/just feeling sort of "off" lately at the gym. I looked up the workout for today and was pretty confident that I was going to beast it. It was right in my wheelhouse, and I was due for a total WOD obliteration. Our workout was a death by Sumo Dead lift High Pulls (SDHP) 65# pyramid, with a 13 rep cap. So, the clock starts, and you have 1 minute to perform 1 SDHP. The remaining time until the clock hits 1:00 is your rest. At 1:00 you have one minute to perform 2 SDHP. Each minute you increase the rep by one, and traditionally in a death by format, you continue until you can no longer perform the number of reps you are on in the minute. But... we had a 13 rep cap, so as we ascended, even if we performed 13 SDHP in the minute, we had to stop, rest, and then work our way back down to one. By the looks of it, I thought, no problem, 13 will not be a problem. I have been decieved before by thinking the written workout looked doable, only to be totally crushed. I didn't get nervous until 3 seconds before the clock beeped 0:00.

After completing 1 SDHP in one minute, and 2 SDHP's shortly after 1 minute, the crazy-fit-would-have-been-NYC-marathon-runner-at-a-8:30-pace-who-keeps-to-himself behind me says "You're going to crush this workout. You are built for this. Man, you are going to destroy this." I smiled. I knew he was right. Then the other two girls in the class say to me "is this even hard for you? This weight? Is it heavy?" I just laughed. For whatever reason, SDHP's are just easy for me. Especially at 65#, it just feels like the bar is weightless.

So, yeah. I made it to 13 (along with everyone else in class with the exception of one guy, I might add) and back down to 1 again. 169 SDHP's total. I barely broke a sweat. It was a good confidence builder for sure. I also think I should have done more weight...


  1. The feeling of 'I shoulda done more weight' post WOD is annoying.

    Sometimes when I see a wod, picking a weight can be difficult. Example - I know I can c&j 95#, because I've done it before. But if we are going to do a wod like Grace, can I c&j 95# 30x? So I will usually say no, go with a lighter weight, beast the workout and then be pissed that I didn't go heavier. lol

    I suppose at the end of the day, its a good learning experience. And it helps to build confidence. Now you know you are stronger than you thought.

  2. I don't always understand the weight choices for our WODs but I gotta trust that the trainer knows what he's doing.