Saturday, June 25, 2011

Even MORE Exciting Updates

I could probably write 3 different posts on all the information I'm about to spit out, but in the spirit of efficiency, I'm just gonna lay it all out. I realized after pushing "publish" on my picture post, I forgot to include a picture of my new stove that has continued to impress me more and more each time I use it (I'm not easily impressed). I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to an electric stove again, ever. Here she is:

Next, yesterday I took about 10 minutes to temporarily convert my current sitting desk into a standing desk. I looked around in my cube for props, found some, and it all just came together. I realized how ridiculous this is/looks, and then like some sort of divine standing desk intervention, I walked into another cube to deliver some misplaced mail, and saw that individual had a raised desk in their office! I went to the lady that runs the office and coordinates cubicle set up and asked if I could do that. She was beyond excited/eager to help. She also said that they will keep my current sitting desk (implying I wouldn't last a week). HAHAHAHA! Little does she know. Anyway, before and after pics:

Lastly, a few days ago at the gym, as I was parking, a girl who has been a solid regular for years came dashing out to my car. We rarely workout at the same time, but she had the day off. As I'm getting out of my car, she says to me "what size are you? Oh, sorry is that rude? Anyway, I have these Lululemon shorts that are too big for me, and do you want them?" They are my size. I tell her she's not rude, I have no problem telling her my size, and accept the gift. I was SOOOO excited and flattered that she thought to give them to me. And Lululemon shorts? AWESOME!

After the workout I was so excited to get home and try them on. The girl that gave them to me said that she hasn't lost any weight, just that all of her clothes have become to big. She is amazing to watch workout. She can do multiple real pull-ups, consistently puts up the heaviest weights for girls, Rx's almost all her workouts, and frequently beats boys. She is strong, and inspiring.

I get home and put on the shorts. They are so comfortable, however a little too short for comfort. I will wear them around the house no problem, but will have to lose a few inches before I will feel comfortable sporting them at the gym:
Speaking of losing inches, you may have noticed I got rid of my weight loss/BMI tracker thing. I added a new page to the top of my blog (next to Weekly Food Logs) where I will report changes in my measurements. I totaled up measurements from my upper arms, waist (narrowest part), belly (at belly button), thighs, and calves. Every 2 weeks I'll re-measure, and that will be how I determine progress.

I could probably type for hours on how a scale is no representation of body composition. I could type for more hours on how damn near every single blogger seems obsessed with the number and getting to some "goal weight." Gah! Makes me want to puke. Of course, that is what separates me from so many others. That and the knowledge that:
1) I can eat bacon wrapped avocado every morning (all the fat I want)
2) I don't have to exercise if I don't want to (you can't work off a bad diet)
3) I can gain weight (retain/ build muscle)
4) I never count calories (as long as I eat Paleo foods)


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