Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Almost Back to Normal

Today has the potential to be a glorious day.  I'm not speaking of simply the weather, although that's looking pretty good so far.  I'm talking about my stove, or lack of a working stove due to lack of a working outlet.  Yes, today could be the first day in 7? 8? weeks that I get to use a stove!  Oh, how I miss slow cooking huge chunks of marbled meat, the sound and smell of onions sauteeing in coconut oil, roasted vegetables, and chili!  I can make chili!!! 
About 8 weeks ago, I mistakenly assumed my electric stove of uknown age/origin went out.  I was in the middle of cooking steaks for my lunches the next few days, and bam!  Sizzling stopped.  Stove cold.  I did the basic trouble-shooting.  Turned burner off/back on.  Tested other burners.  Checked the breaker box.  Reset fuse.  Unplugged/plugged back in.  That is the extent of my fix-it abilities.  My conclusion- stove broken.  Then the bf-deluxe gave it a shot.  He did all the things I did, then took the stove apart looking for loose/misconnected wires.  He found nothing.  His conclusion?  Stove broken. 
I was in the last week of my nutrition challenge.  We were in the middle of switching our oil furnace to natural gas, meaning that if we were smart, we should get a gas stove and not fix/get a new electric stove.  I started my Craigslist search.  It didn't take me long to find a super awesome deal on an incredible stove.  It was a duel-fuel (electric oven, gas range) 40" heavy duty stove.  I jumped on it, since the space our stove needed was 41," and the majority of stoves out there are 30" inches, it would be a perfect fit!  Our broken stove looked so tiny in the huge space it needed to fill.  It was like it was meant to be.
We arranged to get the stove.  We still didn't have gas to the house yet, but that was coming in a few weeks, but it didn't matter so much because the oven was electric!  We could use the oven and wait for the range to be hooked up after the gas was brought to the house!  I was so excited!  It had only been 3 weeks, but I was sick of grilling.  I wanted to roast veggies and make cauliflower pizza!  I was sad when I couldn't bake a cake for a friends birthday. 
Into the house the stove went.  It looked so good in the empty spot- it was a perfect fit!  We plugged it in.  No display came on.  I pressed some buttons, wiggled some dials...a few display lights came on.  What the?  I call the people we got the stove from asking if there were any tricks to plugging it in.  They advised we check our outlet.  The ONE thing we did not do when checking over the "broken" electric stove.  Bf-deluxe checked the outlet.  Sure enough, one side, hot.  Other side-dead.  
So our stove didn't go out afterall, the outlet did.  Luckily our awesome furnace installer can fix the outlet, AND hook up the gas to the range.  We just have to work around his schedule...he's been taking a lot of vacations!  Today, furnance installer is coming out, hopefully for the last time in a long time.  We finally have gas to the house (took weeks for permit/gas co to sign off on permit) so he is going to test the furnace, fix the wire mis-hap leading to the stove outlet, and hook up the gas range! 
YAYAYAYAYAY!  It is a little ironic that I have been waiting/needing the stove to come back so I can eat Paleo more easily.  I mean, when you think about it, a grill should be all I need, right?  That's how our ancestors did it!  Meat over an open flame.  They also went out for hours and hunted prey, wore animal carcasses, and never showered.  I have a job, I like the GAP, and I shower.  So yes, my stove makes Paleo way easier, especially when its raining and going out for a meal at a restaurant (where I don't get to control what goes into my food) sounds WAY better then grilling another bratwurst. 
Oh, and the bf-deluxe threw a fit in BestBuy last night and we left with a new laptop (it was so cheap, I don't even care if it lasts only one year).  This will be my last iPhone post.  DOUBLE YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!!!!!  Life is nearly returning to normal. 


  1. And now you can sell your not-broken old stove too!

  2. Ok 3rd attempt at commenting, did something change, I can't seem to do it? Anyway, what I said was yay, this awesome! What did you make for dinner and what kind of laptop did you get?