Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Land-Speed Record

I am 100% certain that yesteray I set some sort of record for the fastest lap ever run around Greenlake.  How do I know?  Well, for one, I forgot my watch at home so it was an untimed run, and second, my running buddy was the trainer at my gym.  His 5K pace is I think sub-20 minutes.  My 5K pace- desperately trying to be sub-30 minutes. 
On Monday, trainer announced that the gym would be closed due to painting of the floor (HELLO INVESTORS!  HE IS BACK IN BUSINESS) anyway, at first I thought, crap!  I haven't been into the gym since last Thursday, and I really need to get my ass kicked.  Then I suggested we all (meaning a group of us) meet at Greenlake for a lap.   The only one that took me up on the run was the trainer.  I knew of our serious time discrepanices, and figured he would just run ahead and I'd do my thing, and we would high-5 at the end after he had been waiting for 10 minutes. 
Oh, how wrong I was.  As I neared the vicinity of Greenlake, I noticed the weather.  It was beautiful.  I don't remember it being so nice when I left my house in the morning, or even when I left the office 15 minutes prior!  Now, when the sun comes out, Greenlake is like a magnet for everyone in a 5 mile radius.  It may be 60 out, but there are shirtless guys, girls in bikini's, rollerbladers (who still does that?!), dogs, tennis matches, frisbees, joggers, endless trains of baby strollers, and of parking.  I started to curse as I was in a line of cars all turning into the same lot.  I somehow found a spot which may or may not have been legal, but whatever, it was sunny in Seattle!  There are no rules when the sun is out! 
I met up with trainer, and we proceeded to start running along the outside (5K) path.  At first I knew our pace was fast.  I was trying to not let on how slow I really am, but it was SO obvious.  I told trainer he could go on ahead if he wanted, I'd be fine.  No, he just wanted to have a chill run.  HA!  He had no idea how chill it was going to be (for him) because I was still attempting to run "fast!" The sun was motivating, trainers pace and obvious non-affectedness by the sprint we were engaging in was motivating.  Everything on me hurt.  I estimate we were at about 800 meters.  LOL.  I'm sure I started to slow, but I didn't really notice.  Trainer stayed with me the whole time, and not only that, gave me tips on how to improve my lung capacity (by talking while running) and also tips on my form (no heel strikes, keep upright, don't swing arms so much).  I felt like I was running with my own personal trainer!  It was great!  The lake was flying by.  Seriously, the whole thing was a blur because we were going so fast. 
As we got to about the 2/3 mark, I felt better.  I knew that I was going to be able to finish the entire lap no problem.  Trainer was just yammering on (about interesting stuff) and I was trying to respond, but probably said "yeah" more times in those 28-30 minutes then I ever have in my life, as that was the easiest word to manage and still contribute to the conversation. 
I would say that yesterday, hands down ranks in my top 5 runs of all time.  The weather was perfect, I felt good (maybe I haven't been pushing myself enough), and the high afterwards?  Unmatched.  I wish I had remembered my watch, because I think for sure I met my goal of finally doing a sub 30 minute Greenlake lap.  According to my lungs, it took us 18 minutes, but you know...those spongy bastards lie sometimes. 


  1. Awesome run!!

    Talking & running is not yet in my skillset, haha.

  2. Nice work! I miss jogging Greenlake w/you!