Friday, September 28, 2012

Hmmm...Where Was I?

Its 11am and a dull ache in my feet has begun. Its been two whole weeks since I've stood at my desk, responding to e-mails, staring at excel spreadsheets, fielding phone calls, and sorting through the various papers that need homes. I forgot that when I initially got a standing desk, there was a slight adjustment period for my feet. Two weeks of vacation might as well have been a year. The things that happened before I left feel like ages ago. It feels like so much should of happened here in the past two weeks, yet, it appears that nothing did! Catching up is a lot easier then I expected. vacation. It consisted of 4 days of super stress, 8 days of enchantment/mystery/sensory overload and 2 days of semi-relaxed bliss (or jet-lag, however you want to see it). It was definitely the preferred order of operations. Now that I've had time to decompress, I can look back and see how somehow, someway, we pulled off an intricate dance of serious house projects, large party planning, cleaning, east coast relatives visiting, caterer, tent rental, decorations, appetizer making, friend visits, distant travel, and everything in between. The past 2 weeks rank among the most amazing weeks of my life.

Now its back to the grind. Back to work. No more 2-a-day naps (what? 10 time zones will do that). Back to eating my preferred diet. No more wedding/honeymoon splurges. Yes, in Turkey I ate baklava nearly everyday. I get married and go to Turkey once every...33 years. Back to my gym. No more backyard workouts or workouts in a 20 square foot 90 degree hotel gym with 110% humidity. I'm so happy to be home, thankful for my incredible friends and family, and so happy to get back to my routine. Oh, how I love my routine.

I've been slowly catching up on my blog reading, and looks like the status quo remains. The ones who rock it continue to rock it, and the ones who suck continue to suck. Just like in real life.

And now...picking up where I left off...


  1. You've been missed, Mrs! Nice to have you back.

  2. Mmmm Baklava...the Greek in me just yearned for my yiayia's Baklava.

    I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon!