Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eff You Crutches!

On Thursday I ditched the crutches. My life, albeit still not 100% improved ten-fold. I am nearly human again. I can carry my own coffee mug from the kitchen to my seat. I no longer have to carry copies from the printer back to my desk in my mouth. I can sneak up on people again.

This injury has been nothing but humbling and an incredible learning experience. I discovered how easily I took to a life of being sedentary (shocked?!?!?!). Sure I was restless and wanting to get out and about, but I am really comfortable being kicked back with my feet up for loooong periods of time. Part of me wants to make sure I don't injure it further by being too aggressive, but another part of me thinks if keep babying it I'm going to be worse off. I'm trying to find a balance.

Next, I am amazed at the relative quickness of the healing process. Less then one week ago, I was pretty sure my life was over. I was preparing to be on crutches for weeks, never being able to bathe or cook for myself. Last night I wore flip flops on both feet, and spent the evening crutch-less at a bar (with my foot elevated on another chair) knowing in a week or so I'd be even better! Each day I regain more mobility, and can tolerate more weight being placed on the bad ankle. I actually think I'm going to go to the gym today and see if I can get in some sort of sit-up/upper body workout. I'm sure our trainer can come up with something good for me!

Lastly, diet diet diet. Once again, I have been reminded how important it is to stick to my no processed foods, no grain, no sugar, etc. diet. I feel great, and with the horror of having to be piggy-backed out of the forest by boys half my size still fresh in my mind, its all the more incentive to stop fucking around and just keep with it. To heal faster, to perform better, and most importantly, to feel my absolute best.

I'm very excited to see the progress that this next week brings. I miss the gym terribly, everyday after work it is so hard for me to exit off the freeway and drive home, rather then continuing on to the gym. I feel like once I'm back to a place where I can perform most of the exercises, I'll be starting over again. I still feel like I haven't got back to where I was before the whole gym equipment theft incident. Oh, well. Maybe that is just me making excuses. Now it is up to me to continue to go after what I want.

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  1. So so glad you didn't break it! I've sprained mine slightly in the last 6 months twice falling off stairs and it's still swollen at the end of the day a bit. Hope yours heals faster than mine sugar and congrats for even attempting a muddy 10k! Sounds amazing. I couldn't do it.

    Want to catch up w/ you soon! We have to make a date! xo