Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A dime a dozen...

Yes, blogs today are a dime a dozen. This blog will be no different then the average cyber-drool, except it will be MY cyber-drool. I have been toying with the idea of a blog for a few months now, but could never think of a title. Or a subject for that matter. Then I realized that this was solely for my benefit and no one would be reading it anyway. I now have my own electronic soap box and the support of the Verizon network to make it available to all!

About me: I'm 30. I live in Seattle. I love dogs (in a borderline creepy way). I am overweight. I'm ready to pull my life together, starting today.

I know, I know, yet another "journey" blog. I hope that in this blog my journey becomes more of a background set, not the main stage. It is more important for me to learn and reflect on the causes of why I do things, not the symptoms.

For example, I recently had and Oprah-esk "ah-hah" moment at my last dentist visit. My gums were not in the best shape, and the hygienist explained she was giving me a fresh start. It was up to me to maintain the level of cleanliness she had just given me. I realized my gums were a metaphor for my life...not being properly cared for. So I did every single thing she said. I bought new floss (and actually started using it), I rinsed with saltwater for a week, I bought these weird plastic toothpick thingys for after meals, and even bought a new sonicare toothbrush. I have been maintaining this routine for over a month and a half, and realized if I could change my oral health habits, I can change more of my bad habits. This case is pretty straight forward; symptom- unhealthy gums, cause-laziness/poor habits.

I know the causes of my other unhealthy habits will require slightly more detective work, but all have a common root- if can conquer one, I can conquer all.

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